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Wrong Deductions on Civil Servants’ Payslips Spark Outrage.


Wrong Deductions on Civil Servants’ Payslips Trigger Outrage in Zambia- BETUZ Trustee Demands Minister of Finance Take Action”

A former senior trustee of the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ), Howard Kalinda, has called on the Ministry of Finance and Public Management to address the issue of incorrect deductions on civil servants’ payslips. The issue has become a major source of concern for many civil servants in Zambia, with Kalinda alleging that a cartel may be involved in the scam to help failing institutions maintain their balance sheets.

At a press conference held in Choma on Friday, Kalinda expressed his frustration over the lack of accountability for the officers who make the incorrect deductions. “Why are deductions being made without proper supporting documents? This is unacceptable,” said Kalinda. “Many civil servants are forced to demand refunds, and this is unacceptable.”

Bruce Muleya, the Coordinator of the Civil Servants Allied Workers Union of Zambia Southern Province, also spoke at the press conference and confirmed that the union has received numerous complaints from civil servants about financial institutions that continue to effect deductions even after the agreed period. Muleya stated, “We understand the frustration that many civil servants are feeling when it comes to incorrect deductions on their payslips. It has been difficult to assist in these situations because these agreements fall outside our union’s mandate, but we have always offered advice to civil servants on how to address the issue to their advantage.”

Kalinda went on to say, “I fear that there may be a cartel involved in this scam, helping dying institutions keep their balance sheets clean. This is unacceptable, and the Minister of Finance must address this issue and explain what is happening at PMEC.”

The Minister of Finance has yet to comment on the issue, but Kalinda remains hopeful for a resolution. “We cannot allow this to continue,” said Kalinda. “Civil servants work hard for their wages, and they deserve to receive their full pay without any unnecessary deductions. I urge the Minister of Finance to take immediate action to address this problem and bring accountability to the officers responsible for making the incorrect deductions.”

In conclusion, the wrong deductions on civil servants’ payslips have sparked outrage in Zambia, with former BETUZ senior trustee Howard Kalinda and Civil Servants Allied Workers Union of Zambia Southern Province Coordinator Bruce Muleya calling for immediate action to be taken to address the issue. It remains to be seen what steps the Ministry of Finance and Public Management will take to resolve the problem and bring peace of mind to the country’s hardworking civil servants.


  1. We warned you about this crook hh. Mulenya mulelapilila haha.
    The 10.5% was a punka story. Most civil servants got less than 3% and others got nothing.

    Ukulanda ichishinka alafilwa mambaIa hh

  2. Pipe down man and be cool. Take your drugs and calm down, ACC and DEC need to interrogate you further on MoF frauds of fake allowances of K5million you shared with Fordson Yamba.

  3. This is for sure sounds like a dirty scam that has been going on for years. Action should immediately be taken to not only stop it but to also arrest the criminals behind it- both at the Min of Finance and the recipient micro-lending institution. Stealing from civil servants is evil.

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