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In a shootout at Mindolo Dam area on February 24, 2023, Police in Kitwe gunned down two suspected criminals who were believed to be behind a series of aggravated robberies in Kitwe and Chingola districts. The two suspects were identified as Ernest Mashane, also known as Chaile, aged 37, and Fidelis Mwansa, popularly known as Shi Castrol, aged 31, both of Kamatipa area in Kitwe District.

Concerned members of the public spotted the two notorious suspects in Race Course township and apprehended them after a long chase. The police were alerted and arrested the suspects at around 3 pm. The suspects admitted to being behind the robberies and revealed that they had a pistol at their house in Kamatipa township. The police officers, with the help of the suspects, recovered the pistol and later learned that an AK-47 rifle was hidden in the bush in the Mindola Dam area.

During the recovery of the rifle, the suspects decided to run away from the police. Several warning shots were fired in the air in an attempt to stop them, but they continued to flee. Unfortunately, they sustained fatal gunshot wounds and were rushed to Kitwe Central Hospital, where they were pronounced dead upon arrival.

The police recovered one AK-47 rifle with six rounds of ammunition within the same area. Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, confirmed the incident and urged members of the public to continue working with the police in the fight against crime.

“The police will not relent in the fight against crime, and we urge members of the public to continue working with us by reporting any suspicious activity or individuals in their communities,” he said.

The incident has received mixed reactions from members of the public, with some commending the police for their swift action, while others are concerned about the use of excessive force by the police. The police have assured the public that they will investigate the incident to determine whether the use of force was justified.

In the meantime, the bodies of the suspects have been taken to the mortuary, and investigations are ongoing.


  1. Again it had to take the members of the public to get these arrested with evidence and confession…but the story does not make sense and exposes ZP’s incompetence I mean they apprehended the suspects unarmed then went with them to find out where the AK47 was stashed in the bush. The suspects attempted to flee and were shot …warning shots fired but they continued to flee and were shot…too many question marks. Why were they not restrained…these are cases that need internal investigation by a separate body from ZP.

  2. Now this is the death sentence he said he has removed , were is the law in Zambia suspects are not guilty until proved so by the courts of law , HH why are you killing the innocent and accusing them to be criminals when they cannot defend themselves.
    Where are human rights we always talk about if you keep killing suspects any one can be a suspect some people have been arrested as suspects but they were proved innocent in the courts of law.

  3. No. No. And no. Our police are executioners. I find it very hard to believe that the public made an arrest, police take the suspects to recover guns, somehow there is a gunfight and suspects die? Did the suspects grab the said guns and engage in an exchange? Or was it the infamous police action of taking suspects to an isolated area and gunning them down? There are too many unanswered questions here. Our police in their duties have to preserve lives, not to take them
    I think it’s high time that we begin to vet their actions, especially the C5 who come in just to kill.
    How many suspects will die by ‘stray bullets’?

    • Surely in any other country the Police officers would have been suspended until independent investigations are undertaken I mean how do you take both suspects to the stash hide out and let them escape how? This is an outright execution I am sure you will find that these chaps were shot in the back with their hands tired.

  4. Highly suspicious story. Happening very conveniently in Mindolo Dam far from spectators.
    I’m sure those guys were told to run by the Police and then they were fired on. The Flying Squad in Ndola had those tactics in KK’s time and the 90s

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