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Mpezeni wants Great East Road Named Umodzi Highway as recognition for his 40 years reign


By Benedict Tembo

Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people celebrated this year’s Nc’wala ceremony with a plea to Government to honour his 40th anniversary on the throne by granting him three wishes.

During the climax of the celebrations in Mtenguleni in Chipata District on Saturday, Paramount Chief Mpezeni requested among other things the declaration of February 5 a national holiday.

Mpezeni requested Government to rename Mwami border post as Singo Mpezeni border post. He also requested that the Great East Road be renamed the Umodzi Highway.

In a speech read on his behalf by Nc’wala national organising chairperson Besty Nkhoma, Chief Mpezeni said Ngoni culture must always be kept alive with the correct records of its history.

He said it is the reason Ngonis want its heroic ancestor Prince Nsingo Mpezeni to be remembered better than is currently the case.
“His bravery in the Anglo -Angoni war from December 1889 to February 1890 cannot be reduced to a few paragraphs in history. I propose that 5th February becomes known as national Nsingo day and be declared a national holiday as this is the first recorded battle for freedom in our country by any leader and a people,” Chief Mpezeni said.

“To signify peace and unity among our people, I am proposing the renaming of the “Great East Road ” from Lusaka to the border here to “Umodzi Highway”. This is because we want that road to demonstrate our desire for unity as people drive to the border, ” the paramount chief said.

Chief Mpezeni urged Ngonis to live in harmony with other tribes of this country and beyond and be quick to reach out in unity, peace and love.

He expressed gratitude to Chieftainess Nawaitwika of the Namwanga people for preserving the burial site of Ngoni great ancestor Inkhosi Zwangendaba Ka Hlatswayo in Nakonde.

“I have been to this site and we appreciate this,” he said.

The event attracted thousands of people who included Government leaders, representatives of political parties, business houses, traditional leaders from within Zambia and their counterparts from Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

The country’s first traditional ceremony celebrated to mark the harvest, it mimicked a trade fair as business houses which contributed to the successful staging of the event exhibited their goods and services.


  1. Mfumu watu. I am tired after ncwala. It is good to have a personal driver. I can sleep and blog as we drive back to Lusaka. Deuces

    • @Kaizar Zulu, Uli na ukari wa nkunguni, zikuruma mwene nyumba. No wonder you got a driver who has nothing to do except driving your behind.

  2. This shameless man all he does is chase after underage girls, drink Malawian Power’s No.1 gin and play with cars….move over sick man!!

  3. GOOD evening FRIENDS AND FAMILY, am soliciting for writers to pen down a book titled: Kaizar, Life Battles.

    If you’re not a friend or family stay away from this post

  4. These owls think being a chief is an achievement. Its not like you have to pass an exam to become a chief. Not a single chief is elected so being on the throne for 40 years is not an achievement. In this modern world chiefs and Kings are parasites who should be ashamed of asking for anything from the state.

  5. As Chewa person, I feel that Mpezeni has grown wings which need to be trimmed. Mpezeni is just a senior chief in the eastern province and has no authority to demand anything. If Mpezeni whats to declare war against the Gawa Undi, let him just do that instead of pretending to be a king.

  6. This chief has achieved nothing. Under age pregnancies in Eastern Province are the highest in Zambia.
    All because of this chi ncwala ceremony where people are invited to come and move half naked all dirty by their blood thirty “KING”

  7. The Great East Road passes through other Chiefdoms before it reaches Easter Province. I feel they have also histories to tell. Great East Road name is neutral. It should continue.

    • Correction: The Great East Road passes through other Chiefdoms before it reaches Chipata.
      Eastern Province starts from Chongwe and it is not Chipata.

  8. But why up to now hasn’t Mpezeni been arrested for defilement, this cretin is alleged to have committed these crimes and still continues to do so and yet is allowed to roam freely. Why is that?

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