Friday, June 14, 2024

Kasenseli Gold Mine to re-open soon


Zambia National Service (ZNS) Lieutenant General Commander, Maliti Solochi says Government has made progress with plans to open Kansenseli Gold Mine.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mwinilunga district commissioner Harrison Kamuna this morning Commander Solochi urged Zambians to exercise patience.

“Singularly the wealth of the gold at Kansenseli gold mine belongs to the people of North-Western Province Mwinilunga in particular but generally the wealth belongs to all Zambians,” Commander Solochi said.

The ZNS Commander said spreading rumours of gold being stolen will not help anyone as the mine is as intact as before.

“The commander in chief sent me here arising from a lot of information that we have received pertaining to us the Zambia National Service who are entrusted with guarding of that place,” Commander Solochi said.

He said those who are getting gold soil are getting it from the surrounding communities and not the actual mine.

Commander Solochi has since said they will beef up security at the surrounding communities to ensure there are no longer loopholes.

“Kansenseli gold as it is intact but there are community pits outside where they are getting gold,” Commander Solochi stated.

Meanwhile Mwinilunga District Commissioner, Harrison Kamuna has appealed to ZNS Commander to consider reducing the guarding period for the ZNS officers.

Mr Kamuna said it is commendable that the officers rotate to avoid temptations therefore reducing the period they spend there will help them even better.

He has however commended the officers for the good work they are doing in protecting the natural resource.


  1. Iam just wondering why it takes years for your commander to make a decision over simple things , NATIONAL SERVICE is in Zambia but why spend years to just tell the men and women in uniform to do what they have been employed for .
    DO you really have to go to America to learn how to command your Zambian service men and women in uniform, to me it appears as if some one has to travel abroad to just come and tell ZNS to go and guard the KASENSELI GOLD MINE


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