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President Hakainde Hichilema Accused of Taking Selfies Instead of Helping Flood Victims


PeP President Sean Tembo has released a statement criticizing Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema’s handling of flood victims in Kamwala South. In the statement, Tembo accused Hichilema of taking selfies with flood victims and creating a public perception that he is addressing the problem, rather than actually taking action to help them.

“By now, those who have studied President Hakainde Hichilema know that when a national crisis arises, his approach is largely centered on creating a public perception that he is sorting out the problem, rather than actually sorting out the problem,” Tembo said.

Tembo went on to say that Hichilema’s government was supposed to evacuate all the affected people together with their personal belongings, and erect makeshift tents in a dry area where these people can live until their flooded houses are dry again. He claimed that Hichilema’s actions were only for show and that he had no intentions of actually helping the victims.

“All he could do was go assemble cameras to film these people who are in dire straits, and create an impression that he is doing something about their problems, then go back home and forget about them altogether. To make the selfies that he took more impactful, Hakainde made sure that he was accompanied by notable cronies such as the DMMU Coordinator and ZNS Commandant, so that the Zambian people can think he was there to help the flood victims, when in fact he was there merely to take selfies,” Tembo said.

Furthermore, Tembo accused Hichilema of ordering the detention of UPND Kamwala Ward Councilor Mainda Simataa after he led a group of flood victims to the DMMU headquarters to ask for assistance.

“The President was swift in sending police officers to detain UPND Councillor Mainda Simataa and record a warn and caution statement against him, as well as to tear-gas the flood victims who had assembled at DMMU headquarters asking for assistance. Hakainde’s wrath did not end there, as he instructed the UPND leadership to immediately suspend Councillor Mainda Simataa from the party,” Tembo said.

Tembo concluded by saying that if Hichilema’s government cannot assist flood victims in Kamwala South, which is a few kilometers from his residence, then the chances of him helping flood victims in far-flung areas are slim.

“The question is; if President Hakainde Hichilema’s Government is failing to assist flood victims just here in Kamwala South, barely 3 kilometers from Community House where he lives, then what are the chances that he can assist flood victims in far-flung areas of the country such as Mambwe District, Namwala, Shang’ombo etcetera? Indeed, I feel pity for those who still have hope that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema means well for this country,” Tembo said.


  1. People’s homes are flooded and they have lost everything. Meanwhile this f00I hh is busy smiling in front of a camera.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong in the President taking pictures whenever he makes public appearances. He shouldn’t deny the people to take pictures with him, he’s their property. The Presidency in Zambia is usually hijacked by those that surround the holder of that office. So such appearances are important especially in circumstances like this. As to what he’s doing about the floods we’ll only after a few days and that will be the right time to comment. This isn’t a new problem. So we’d like him to approach it differently

    • If you do not live in those areas of Lusaka worst affected by flooding, that is Kuku compound and Kamwala South, you will take this as an occasion for the President to pose for photographs and smile.

      But the truth on the ground is that this is not a smiling matter.

      It’s a pity that the President made his visit(s) long after the bad spell of flooding had passed, long after the ZNS had created passage for the flood waters and long after people’s homes were no longer submerged (literally) in water.

  3. To take selfie is to show them that he is close
    To the people and they are free to ask him for
    Any help they need.He is trying to show them
    That he is just like one of them.

  4. I’m I reading this right flooding in Kamwala South…what ST should be addressing is the illegal construction of property on water outlet routes we never had floods in these areas as the water always made it way out but not now. This is how usesless ST is instead of lobbying for organisation and construction of proper drainage and demolishing illegal structures which were encouraged over the years you are talking about selfies.

  5. Nothing wrong with the President being close to the people that are affected, most of the pictures are taking by members of the public and the Press. PEP have nothing to say really? There are more important issues to talk about than selfies

  6. But why taking selfies and leave people without a solution? No one is against the selfies but the president should have spelt out the immediate solution to the flood victims.

  7. Very insolent man. He is not my president. Only ecl remains my president. I never voted for failure hh so why should I call him my president

  8. Stop being jealousy after all you are the buffoons who build without building permits.
    HH take as many selfies as u wish

  9. We never vote people into the office to start taking pictures. Sauzande and his lot go into studios forthose things not into State House

  10. I’m a journalist and I remember many ministers in previous governments who would not start their speech until ZNBC cameras had arrived

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