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Zambia’s President Criticized for Lobbying United Nations on Debt Restructuring Instead of Engaging Directly with China


Zambia’s President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, has been the subject of criticism from the President of the Socialist Party, Fred M’membe, over his recent trip to Qatar to lobby the United Nations Secretary-General on debt restructuring. M’membe claimed that Hichilema was being controlled by the Brenthurst Foundation and overcommitting himself to pleasing the Americans and their lackeys.

“He doesn’t dare defy them,” M’membe said of the Brenthurst Foundation. “The truth is that the main handlers of this puppet are very anti-China and Russia… and he can only go where he thinks they will approve.”

M’membe suggested that Hichilema was afraid of facing the Chinese leadership, and that engaging with China directly was the only sensible alternative. “Why is he so afraid of going to China and facing the Chinese leadership?” he asked. “He has made 35 trips abroad since becoming President but none of them to China, which is so strategic to the economic and general wellbeing of our nation.”

M’membe warned that being ruled by a puppet of America and mining transnational corporations was “very dangerous,” and suggested that Hichilema would get nothing much out of hosting the United States’ so-called democracy conference other than “praise and useless honours.”

While it remains to be seen how Hichilema will respond to these allegations, it is clear that there are concerns about his approach to foreign relations and debt restructuring. As Zambia continues to face economic challenges, it will be important for Hichilema to find a way to balance the interests of various stakeholders, including China, the United States, and mining transnational corporations, while also ensuring the country’s long-term economic sustainability.

Ultimately, as M’membe suggested, “the unresolved issues lie mainly with China,” and it will be up to Hichilema to find a way to engage with China directly and find a solution that works for all parties involved.


  1. The UN secretary-general carries little influence on the permanent five members of the Security Council. The USA has a vetoe on who becomes secretary general and for this reason America’s rivals in global influence-peddling cannot easily yield to UN diplomacy. That’s just the way the UN charter is. I doubt myself that Antonio Gutteres can intercede for Zambia with China on debt settlement. A reading of the memiors of former UN secretary general, the Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali titled UNVANQUISHED ( it’s a pun for UN vanquished) is recommended here.

  2. The Qater event is a UN meeting on Least developed Countries organised by UN at which a number of Heads of State including HH are attending. It doesn’t mean that he went there to lobby, no. If he raise the issue there its correct because thats the reason this group exists to raise issues that are stifling development. The Chinese will be engaged as well.

  3. Who is a stooge?
    M’membe is a Chinese stooge and apologist who seems to be hell bent on selling our country to the Chinese. Also, whenever you see foreigners like M’membe apperaring on Chinese youtube channels you know there are in China’s pocket.
    Why should HH go to China and beg, everyone knows when African leaders go to China their are treated with disdain and as being inferior.
    Also, I would warn HH not to go, because I fear for his safety and whether he would come back drugged or impaired.

    • The guys who are going to do the road are Chinese in case you didn’t know. They are borrowing money from Zambian institutions to finance the project… the money will be externalized to China for material and equipment and salaries. For 22 years money from tolls will go to China. So you still under the Chinese.

  4. Envy for plot one leads one to spew any thoughtless comment! Lungu’s style was to borrow for the sake of borrowing and appeasement of cadres! Had he pulled through he might have borrowed more from China! So too HH has his own way, that is seek help from others to beg for restructuring of sebt with you!

    • Keep that dirty there abroad or within confines of hh house in New kasama. We know he holds gay orgies in his home with those whltes who visit. They call him the naked white glove boy

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