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The Sistah Sistah Foundation founders arrested for giving false information to public officers


Police in Lusaka, Zambia have charged and arrested four women for allegedly organizing an unlawful assembly and giving false information to public officers. The arrests were made in connection with a march against sexual gender-based violence organized by the Sistah Sistah Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting women’s rights and girls’ sanitary care.

Ann Kazhila Hollard, a Quality Specialist at the Sistah Sistah Foundation and program director, Chilombu Kabambi, an administrative assistant with the organization, Luse Mwila Chanda, a general member of the organization, and Gladys Mwangala Monde, co-founder of the Sistah Sistah Foundation, were all arrested and charged with the offenses.

According to a gender and women’s rights activist who spoke to CBC TV Zambia, the women had notified police for a permit to hold the march against the rise of sexual gender-based violence in the country. The activist described the arrest as appalling, and the police have declined to give bond to the two ladies aged between 26 and 28.

The Zambia Police summoned the conveners of the march on Monday, saying they wanted to ascertain why the event was turned into a forum for championing homosexuality. Zambian law on LGBTQA+ Section 155 (“Unnatural Offences”) criminalizes homosexual sex as a felony punishable by terms of imprisonment which range from fifteen years up to a life sentence.

The Sistah Sistah Foundation released a statement denying that the march was a forum for championing homosexuality and expressing their disappointment with the arrests. The organization has in the past organized marches to express displeasure at the growing rate of sexual gender-based violence cases against girls and women that go unpunished.

The United Party for National Development has been consistent in its condemnation of LGBTQI practices in Zambia, and the Socialist Party President Dr. Fred M’membe has said that it is President Hakainde Hichilema’s problem to deal with, not theirs.

Statistics from the Zambia police show that 20,540 cases of gender-based violence were reported countrywide in 2021, and less than 5% of these have resulted in convictions. The UN Women confirms that 1 in 3 women experience physical and sexual violence worldwide, with the implications far worse for the most vulnerable in society.

The four women are currently in police custody and will appear in court soon. Investigations into the activities of the Sistah Sistah Foundation are ongoing.


  1. Tomorrow the American embassy will issue a statement on the arrests and the arresting officers will be transferred quietly.

  2. I have nothing against homosexuals ,but……

    Keep it to yourselves, stop trying to force your homosexuality onto others…………..

    Africans have a Conservative society with traditions taking center stage, and homosexuality is not looked at lightly……

    Don’t ask, don’t tell……keep it to yourselves.


    • That is your whlte god there abroad. Not ours here. By the way, no one is born gay. So your point is f00Iish

  4. Just the name Sista Sista should have raised eyebrows. It obviously implies woman to woman relationships therefore lesbianism . Who registered them? Now go look for Brother to Brother

  5. “LGBTQA+ Section 155 (“Unnatural Offences”) criminalizes homosexual sex as a felony punishable by terms of imprisonment which range from fifteen years up to a life sentence”
    LIES meant to decieve or
    Jail term only up to 14 years.
    The Penal code or law does not say anything about speaking out for homosexuality.
    That is why they organizers were arrested under pubic order laws.
    Please understand the law.

    • We don’t need to understand your gay laws here. This is zambia my friend. We don’t tolerate dirt here. Keep committing sins there abroad you nasty piece of junk .

    • KIkikikikiki! Yeah very much so…”the organizers were arrested under pubic order laws”.
      Homosexuality falls under the pubic disorder act

  6. Okay now there’s hope that this madness will be brought to a screeching halt in Zambia, by this arrest. Thanks ZP. Make sure the culprits are jailed, to deter others from doing the same. This LGBTQ movement is losing support even in the West, as people see it for what it is. Conservative States like Kansas are pushing back against it. Nip it in the bud. Unless you want your son one day to bring a bearded guy as “his’ boyfriend. That means you’ll never have any grandkids at all. Wake up, Zambia!

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