Thursday, June 20, 2024

US extols Zambia over free education policy


United States (US) Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has praised Zambia for the strides it has recorded in the education sector.

Dr. Cardon says education is a key enabler in enhancing and promoting democratic values in any nation. He explains that any steps taken to develop the education sector play an important role in the promotion of democracy in countries.

He notes that this is why the decision by the Zambian government to offer free education from the first to the twelfth grade is a good initiative that will go a long in promoting the country’s democratic values.

Dr. Cardon told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today on the sidelines of the two days Summit for Democracy that democracy can only be achieved when people are free to engage in progressive debates.

He added that democracy can further be achieved when people are able to make informed decisions, noting that this can only be done if people have the basic education levels.

Dr. Cardon further said this is why it is imperative for democratic governments to invest in the education sector and provide the basic education standards that can help people aspire to have education in life.

The US Secretary of Education has since thanked the Zambian youth for actively participating in the championing of democracy, which he said is key to attaining the country’s development.


  1. The US told Kaunda to stop free education and stop subsidising mealie meal. This was when KK went to beg IMF for help. Now they are ppraising HH for re-introducing free education. Politics is for double tongues.


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