Friday, June 14, 2024

ECZ condemns Serenje by-election violence


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has noted with serious concern the electoral violence ahead of the April 20, 2023 by-election in Muchinda Ward in Serenje District.

ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager, Patricia Luhanga has strongly condemned the acts of violence in Serenje.

She has called on all participating political parties to adhere to the campaign timetable which was developed and agreed upon after nominations by all participating political parties.

In a statement issued to the media , Ms Luhanga says the Commission will not hesitate to suspend campaigns in areas where violence occurs.

She warned political parties of disqualification if found wanting.

“The Commission warns all participating political parties that the Commission will be compelled to invoke the provisions of the Electoral Process Act which includes disqualification against erring political parties in the remaining days should these acts of violence continue,” she said.

Ms Luhanga further said it is unfortunate that incidences of violence are being recorded in the last few days when the process started out on a peaceful note.

“It is therefore, regrettable and worrying to start recording violence with just a few days before the poll day. The Commission would like to remind all participating political parties in the by-elections that the Electoral Code of Conduct applies to this period of campaigns and must be adhered to without exception,” she said.

Ms Luhanga said the Commission is aware that all the cases of violence have been reported to the Zambia Police and urged the service to beef up security in Muchinda Ward to restore law and order.

She has also reminded all political parties’ leadership to prevail over their supporters to be peaceful as they conduct campaigns.



  1. ECZ shall form a committee of elders to monitor elections. They shall be the eyes, ears and voice of the masses to guide the locals to shun imported cadres and fly by the night politicians from outside the province.

  2. They think we’re children. You work with the government and the party. Please just do what your master is telling to do. Other people will also have that chance.

  3. That radio station should learn to tell lies properly……………

    They should not tell us they were filming when attacked yet fail to produce any film…………

    You should have said you had gone to visit membe, not ati were were filming………..

    Where is the film ????

  4. kkkkkkk Ms Luhanga is failling her duty by not mentioning who this culprits are,come out say it out dont afraid to the nation who these people are and party do they belong to mmmmm lekefyo iweee.

  5. Interesting how the so called champions of democracy are mute on the same things they made all sorts of noises when the candidate who didn’t represent their interests was at the helm. Zambia is already a colony operating on remote control. You are being o pressed via your own leaders. The goal posts will always move because their interest is the complete opposite to yours.

  6. HH you promised reforming ECZ but its still the same organisation that still waits for orders from appointing authority.


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