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Provide evidence to show HH has appointed relatives, Nkombo challenges Mwila


Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo has challenged former PF secretary general Davies Mwila to provide evidence to back up his claims that President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed mostly his relatives and friends in the judicial system. Nkombo dismissed Mwila’s accusations as baseless and politically motivated.

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka, Nkombo stated that President Hichilema had made a clear commitment to promoting transparency, fairness and inclusivity in his government. He challenged Mwila to name any of the President’s relatives who have been appointed to positions of authority in government.

“President Hichilema has been very clear from the outset that his government will be run on the principles of meritocracy and accountability. He has stated repeatedly that he will not tolerate nepotism or any form of corruption in his administration,” Nkombo said.

Nkombo further stated that Mwila’s accusations were a sign of desperation and frustration from the former PF secretary general, who had reached the end of his political career. He stated that Mwila was no longer relevant in Zambian politics and that he should accept his irrelevance and move on.

“Mwila has reached a deadline in his political career. He has been rejected by the people of Zambia and he can’t be replenished. His claims against President Hichilema are unfounded and are nothing but a desperate attempt to remain relevant,” Nkombo said.

He also accused Mwila of being a hypocrite, stating that the former PF secretary general had been silent on issues of corruption and nepotism when his party was in power. He stated that the PF had presided over a corrupt and nepotistic government and that Mwila had been complicit in this.

“During the PF’s time in power, corruption and nepotism were rampant. Mwila was part of that government and he never raised any concerns about it. Now that he is out of power, he is trying to score political points by making baseless accusations against President Hichilema,” Nkombo said.

The Minister called on Mwila and other opposition figures to accept the will of the Zambian people and to work with President Hichilema’s government to move the country forward. He stated that the government was committed to delivering on its promises of creating jobs, improving healthcare and education, and fighting corruption and poverty.

“The Zambian people have spoken and they have elected President Hichilema to lead this country. It is time for the opposition to accept this and to work with us to build a better Zambia for all,” Nkombo said.

The accusations of nepotism and corruption in government have been a major issue in Zambian politics for many years. President Hichilema’s government has pledged to promote transparency and accountability in all its operations, and to fight corruption wherever it is found. The government has also pledged to create jobs, reduce poverty and improve access to healthcare and education for all Zambians. The country is watching to see if President Hichilema will live up to his promises, and if his government will be able to deliver the change that the people of Zambia so desperately need.


  1. This is the problem with some people when themselves employee relatives in PF it does not matter. Mr. Davis Mwila, what is the relationship between Edgar Lungu and Sata Chilufwa?

  2. HH whilst in opposition was always tear gassed by the brutal PF regime, but he never carried or discharged a gun on any given day, but for you, you want to start saying i was scaring them in Serenje

    • Indeed what has theLocal Government and Rural Development Ministry got to do with judiciary? We all know that Gary Nkombo is just looking after his source of mealie meal.

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