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US government happy with Kajoba’s sacking


The United States (U.S) has applauded President Hakainde Hichilema’s appointment of new leadership to the Zambia Police Service.

In a statement issued to the media yesterday in Lusaka, US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Phil Dimon indicated that the move to appoint new leadership to Zambia Police Service presents an opportunity to reinforce impartiality in the application of the rule of law.

Mr Dimon said the appointments will also reinforces accountability for criminal offences while equally upholding the protection of the public safety, constitutional rights and freedoms.

He observed that the new leadership in the Zambia Police Service can engender great public trust by redoubling responsiveness to society’s need for security.

Mr Dimon noted that Zambia Police Service’s next chapter can directly benefit all Zambians through strict accountability from countering violent cadreism, to ending the impunity of traffic police who solicit bribes and to fighting corruption broadly within its ranks.

On Friday, April 14, 2023, President Hakainde Hichilema relieved Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba of his duties and appointed Graphel Musamba as the new Inspector General of Police.


  1. We have again been insulted by US. So the move to fire Kajoba was initiated by the US. It is shameful that US embassy can make such comments about Zambian Police Service.

    Hakainde wakeup, see the comments coming from the embassy. It has taken the embassy to see the partiality that Kajoba was exhibiting. So sad indeed!!!

    • We posted right here in Lusaka-times, that VP Kamala Harris had given HH an ultimatum to either charge Mumbi Phiri or release her. So not surprised this is coming from USA Embassy. This is America telling HH that start acting like a president, the honey-moon is over.

    • They are so patronising these Americans whom HH thinks they are his messiahs. Our President worships them while hating the Chinese. But does China tell us how to run our police? Or Imagine our President telling Joe Biden how to run the FBI! In actual fact they are just saying they have observed ZP to be incompetent and now they expect HH “to reinforce impartiality in the application of the rule of law” We are really a puppet government.

    • Your PF party went to these same white imperialists for a Eurobond .You defaulted and you were under control of your debtors.

    • #Muna Danke you think it’s normal for a country to instruct another country on how to run their affairs. USA cannot be trusted even by the seemingly friendly president.

    • @Muna Dekhane…you must be a complete ignoramus not to see anything wrong with this. You think a Zambian ambassador in DC has a say over how the American government runs their police force? Why should an ambassador representing another country be making a statement like this in a sovereign state? Wake up foo1!

  2. People are too blind to learn from what’s happening in Ukraine to see that one needs to be very careful with the US. They are not here because they are your friends. They are here purely for their own interests. WAKE UP.

  3. What is this? It appears the embassy has no work to do huh? Does it make sense for us to comment on the appointment of a police chief in the US as an embassy? I think batidelela aba bantu ka? It’s time to put our foot down.

  4. Also interesting is that the US is very firmly against the death penalty. And lo and behold, the CHURCH ELDER who is supposed to believe and live by the principles of the bible, which commands the death penalty for murderers, what does he do? Abolish the death penalty! And someone can say people are being hysterical!

    • The US firm on death penalty? More than half of the US states have death penalty as maximum punishment.

    • The neo colonial American representatives in Zambia are mostly liberals who oppose the death penalty. Most likely they’re the ones who instructed their puppet, HH, to abolish capital punishment.

  5. Baficarla why did you keep quiet when Kajoba was terrorizing opposition party officials. What about Mumbi Phiri who was punished by your puppet simply because she ” rejoiced” his incarceration?

    • DejaVu..Don’t miss the point here. No one is disapproving the firing of Kajoba. What we’re disapproving of, is the involvement of a foreign government in our affairs. Because clearly they’re running the show behind the curtains, instructing their puppet HH what to do. Next, they might instruct him to censor you. What are going to say about it? Wake up!

  6. You put too much trust in them and they reward you with a tag of f00ls. Get used to this because it’s about to get worse. 2H you have been warned, the relationship with your so called friends will not end well.

    • They don’t have to bribe anyone, they already know who you are. These pop ups on LT are not advertising but traps to make you click and activate the analytics scripts behind them. I don’t even think LT are aware that their site is hacked.

  7. When people talk about the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, they forget about the Uganda coup d’etat. It was in Singapore where the British controlled Commonwealth were holding their summit meeting, when the British Foreign Minister mockingly said; Some African president won’t be able to go back to his country…” And within hours Idi Amin overthrew the Obote government.

  8. Kajoba also was a problem. Instead of preventing crime which has soared to high heights, he resurrected old cases without even investing them. The time HH appointed him, it was a well known fact that Kajoba was a renegade wanted by the Zambia Police. So I wonder why HH overlooked this fact.

  9. Don’t care who instructed who but Kajoba lacked impartiality and so good riddance. The US have no business commenting on this dismissal, but read their statement again, it is on point. I would rather them than the Chinese who claim they don’t interfere in the internal affairs of another country while doing darkroom shoddy business deals of corruption and bribery.

  10. Here is clear evidence that HH is a complete American puppet. America is now running the Zambian government. This new puppet in town has sold the country to his American friends. Can you imagine a Zambian ambassador making a statement in DC, talking about American affairs? It can never happen. This is totally unacceptable. This puppet HH must be voted out come 2026, to save our country’s sovereignty. Otherwise, Zambia is doomed.

  11. stop poking your nose in zambian affairs.And what is Home affairs minister doing,just sitted and laughing mmmm lekefyo iwee.

    • Zambians you should realise that because they give you aid, they are entitled to voice their opinions about you their economic slaves. You cant say the same to them because you give them zilch

  12. Idi Amin misused public funds whilst Mr. Obote was away in Singapore. Mr. Obote after being told about it, he did not play it cool. Instead issued a statement which was captured by other people around and the media. That way, Idi Amine head what will happen to him later. So Amin took over.

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