Thursday, June 20, 2024

The media in Zambia can enjoy their freedom without fear of intimidation-Nalumango


Vice President, Mutale Nalumango has assured the media in Zambia that they can enjoy their freedom without fear of intimidation.

Speaking to Nkeyema residents today, Ms Nalumango said the government has made sure that the media space in the country is free and without intimidation.

However, the Vice President also highlighted the importance of responsible journalism.

She urged the media to report factual matters instead of sensational news that only serves to excite people.

“It is therefore important to regulate yourselves and report factual matters, unlike sensational news which just excites people.

“The people of Zambia are eager to hear about progressive good news and it is crucial that the media collect facts as they gather their stories. People are in a hurry to receive the good news of what their government is doing for them and it is therefore important for the media to collect facts as they gather their stories,” Mrs. Nalumango added.

She pledged the government’s support for the media in every way possible.

Ms Nalumango emphasized that no one should harass them, and that the new dawn government will protect them as long as they report on facts and not fake news.

“The government will support the media in every way and make sure no one harasses them.

“Media feel free, enjoy your space, no one will touch you. The government of President Hichilema will protect you as long as you report on facts and not just fake news,” she said.


  1. The news on DeadNBC still starts with “President Hakainde has…..”
    And you call that freedom?

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