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EU Zambia partnership continues to grow – EU envoy


European Union (EU) Ambassador Jacek Jankowski says the partnership between Zambia and the European Union has continued to accelerate, reaching new heights.

Ambassador Jankowski cited the first ever Zambia-EU economic forum last year, the visit by EU Commissioner for Agriculture as well as other events that were jointly held to promote local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical products as some of the partnerships built.

The Ambassador further mentioned the signing of the Zambia – EU Forest Partnership between President Hakainde Hichilema and the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen at the Climate Summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Speaking during the commemoration of the European Day celebration in Lusaka, Ambassador Jankowski announced a European high-level mission in the country this year, demonstrating that Zambia among other EU member states remains high on the EU agenda.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador said that the EU condemns the Russian invasion and brutal aggression against Ukraine.

He explained that the crimes committed against civilian population in Ukraine including women and children are terrible atrocities which should not be kept unanswered.

He said the EU believes that the future peace of Ukraine must bring justice and fully restore Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity.

And Ambassador Jankowski commended Zambia for supporting the principles as enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

“We celebrate today the increasingly close partnerships between Zambia and the EU member states,” Ambassador Jankowski stated.

The Ambassador disclosed his end of tenure in the country noting that he holds a great impression of the Zambian people and leadership.

He said that the peaceful transition of power after the 2021 general elections in Zambia continues to put Zambia as a great example of genuine democracy.

Gracing the event, Minister of Agriculture Mutolo Phiri said that the celebration signifies the collective efforts of EU member states towards working to create a better world for future generations while resolving in upscaling the aspiration attainment of the people.

Mr Phiri reiterated Zambia’s commitment to strengthen cooperation with the EU which continues to be a partner that has contributed to the development agenda of the country.

He reiterated EUs continued support to Zambia through innovative mechanisms such as the European Development Fund (EDF) and Zambia’s EU forum which has served as key instruments in financing for Zambia’s development agenda.

“The EU has been one of Zambia’s considered development partners for many years and it is for this reason we greatly value cooperation with the EU at all levels,” Mr Phiri stated.

The Minister disclosed that in line with the post – Cotonou partnerships agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will on May 19, 2023, will convene the 2023 Zambia-EU political dialogue meeting.

Mr Phiri explained that this will continue to serve as a platform for discussion of various global, continental and regional issues of mutual interests.

He noted that Zambia looks forward to aligning the objectives of the post – Cotonou agreement with the eighth national development plan to ensure sustainable development and economic progression in the country.

The European Day marks a historical day in 1950, only five years after the second world War when the then French Foreign Minister proposed a new form of cooperation in Europe.


  1. Hopefully president hh will not compromise on moral issues. There us such a big agenda that the EU has to promote abominable lgbt practices and policies. And they have been extremely aggressive. You will be surprised at how most of the major corperations like BP, ABIBEV etc from Europe and the US are pumping their resources and influence into this agenda. Even in Zambia, these Europe countries are pushing these agendas.
    Please do not sell the soul of Zambia for a few pennies.

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