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UPND Committed to Fight Cadrelism, Promote Peace and Economic Growth


Anderson Banda, the United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Youth Chairperson, has expressed the party’s unwavering commitment to combat all forms of negative cadrelism in Zambia. In a recent interview on UNZA Radio Lusaka Star, Banda emphasized that the New Dawn administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema aims to create a peaceful and united nation, unlike the previous administration.

Banda strongly condemned the emergence of pockets of cadres soliciting handouts from people along Freedom Way, and he called upon all traders and drivers to reject such behavior. He urged law enforcement agencies and local councils to intensify their efforts in dealing with individuals who go against presidential orders. Banda affirmed that the UPND, as a party founded on principles of peace, love, and unity, will not tolerate cadres in trading places.

“President Hakainde Hichilema has put Zambia on the world map through the restoration of the rule of law, maintaining peace and order, and creating a conducive environment for business. As a youth leader, I promise that UPND will not entertain cadres in trading places,” stated Banda.

Furthermore, Banda praised President Hichilema for consistently engaging with the media, ensuring the public remains well-informed about current affairs. He commended the president’s leadership and the fulfillment of several promises within a short period, setting high standards for future leaders.

In another development, Rev. William Njombo, UPND Religious Affairs and Chaplaincy Services (RACS) Chairperson, expressed his appreciation for President Hichilema’s efforts to revive the economy. Addressing members of RACS at the party secretariat, Rev. Njombo highlighted the administration’s achievements, including the employment of over forty thousand graduates in the education and health sectors. He also noted the increased allocation to the Constituency Development Fund.

Rev. Njombo pledged to address the social, material, and spiritual needs of UPND members, and his team is actively establishing structures across the country to facilitate this.

Speaking at the RACS orientation and induction workshop, UPND National Trustee, Grace Chivube, recognized the critical role of religion in ensuring safe, stable, equal, and just societies globally. Chivube welcomed the workshop, which aimed to equip members with a deeper understanding of the UPND manifesto and vision, thus strengthening the party’s values and principles.

The UPND remains focused on its commitment to eradicating cadrelism, promoting peace, and driving economic growth in Zambia. The efforts of both the party’s youth leader, Anderson Banda, and the religious affairs chairperson, Rev. William Njombo, highlight the determination to build a better future for all Zambians under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema’s New Dawn administration.


  1. Fuseke you upnd dogs. Your cadres are complaining day in and out of hunger. Atleast ifwe we gave everyone including those from poor backgrounds, an opportunity to partake in the national cake. Under upnd you upnd cadres have been forgotten. They are just eating themselves at the top. Did we not warn you. Our cadres are now self sufficient and will never suffer.

  2. This party called upnd has no sense of shame! How have you been winning by elections! Is it not by beating up monitors and agents of opposition political parties!No wonder Zambia Police and a tv station worker are monitoring elections and signing on a G 12 form as witnesses instead of opposition political parties representatives! What peace are you trying to promote! I don’t understand!
    Upnd is a party for lie lead by a liar to be lying.

  3. Please upnd we know that the truth is far from you, try and learn to say the truth.
    Iam sure we all know that Zambia depends on copper and that is where her earnings come from. How is upnd going to grow the economy when they have given mining firms tax holiday!
    Zambians are you not tired of being lied to!

  4. You think Mining investors are here purely for the good of Zambia ??
    They have their shareholders to take care of first …
    wake up and understand what makes the world tick
    instead of crying foul all the time

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