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Lusambo Warns of Massive Protests if Mining Challenges Remain Unresolved


Former Kabushi Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo, has issued a stern warning to the Zambian government, stating that if the challenges surrounding operations at Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) are not resolved by June this year, the people in the affected region will organize massive protests against the government. Lusambo expressed his concern over the lack of progress in addressing the issues faced by these mines, wondering where the solutions promised by President Hichilema during his time in opposition have gone.

Lusambo highlighted the significant suffering endured by the people in the region due to the non-operation of Mopani and KCM. He emphasized that this dire situation has led to growing discontent among the locals, a sentiment he discovered through his interactions with the affected community.

In addition to his warning, Lusambo announced that he intends to instruct his lawyers to appeal for the removal of certain benefits granted to the president from the constitution, deeming them overly restrictive. This move suggests his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and his determination to address perceived imbalances.

Furthermore, Lusambo called on President Hichilema to appoint former President Edgar Lungu as a special envoy to China, aiming to restore the strained relations between the two nations. Lusambo argued that despite the government’s reluctance to admit it, Zambia’s relations with China have deteriorated since the Patriotic Front (PF) regime. By suggesting Lungu as a capable envoy, Lusambo believes that his predecessor’s experience and previous interactions with China make him the most suitable candidate for this crucial role.

The former Kabushi MP stressed the urgency of reestablishing strong ties with China, emphasizing its significance in addressing Zambia’s current debt restructuring efforts. Lusambo expressed concerns that without a special envoy, President Hichilema’s visit to China might not be taken seriously, especially given his previous visits to Western countries.

Additionally, Lusambo highlighted the importance of prioritizing governance over politics for the benefit of the majority of Zambians. He suggested that President Hichilema can learn from the governance practices of former President Edgar Lungu, who had significant experience in government before assuming the presidency.


  1. Very wise words. Those with ears will listen. Those who are stubborn will pay by losing elections.

  2. Warn1ngs Warn1ngs
    Just try you will see the consquences of your stup1d outbursts
    Offer solutions for a change

  3. That is your wishful thinking sir. When is your murder case coming to court? Or did you pay bribes. What a corrupt creature without any regret of emotions .Just like your comrade in murders, Mumbi Phiri. It is only zambia that such murderers would still want to become presidents.

  4. All their massive imaginary protests have come to nothing……….

    Even the gays had mire support at their rally than what PF can muster now……….

    We have said…..and will say again……..

    The opposition will be reduced to one man Street corner protesters, who will be ignored by the public………..the public will be too busy reaping the fruits of this economically prudent GRZ……….

  5. Even if things are not moving at KCM and Mopani, Pf leaders should be the last poeple to be criticise Government. We know the messy Bowman and his bosses left. Let’s encourage the government to sort out rubbish caused in mines…

  6. Ati press conference naka Tiza kumbali. These joggers are worse than mr muliokela. Ba Lusambo also dreaming of being president when he can’t even speak English. Ka Tiza we all know and remember how in the PF time used to think he was also a president. These guys need serious treatment. Please can someone section these guys and get them treated asap.

    • You are right! I’m yet to see a sane PF member. All of them from Lungu to whoever are seriously insane. PF are a bunch of hypocrites. Look at how they pretend to serve God but we all know their works. Emmanuel mwamba, Tayali Lusambo and their God Lungu all profess some Christianity but they are very far away from God. Shameless thieves they are.

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