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Given Lubinda Condemns President Hichilema’s Expenditure: Calls for Responsible Allocation of Resources


Hon Given Lubinda, Vice President of the Patriotic Front (PF), strongly criticized President Hakainde Hichilema and his government for what he termed as “reckless expenditure.” The statement comes in response to an invitation by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for a ceremony where President Hichilema is scheduled to hand over Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Project Monitoring Motor Vehicles to various councils.

The event, slated for Wednesday, 24th May, 2023 at the Zambia Agricultural Showgrounds in Lusaka, has drawn sharp criticism from Lubinda, who claims that the government’s decision to spend a significant amount of money on a motor vehicle handover ceremony is irresponsible given the country’s current economic challenges.

Lubinda pointed out that Zambia is grappling with severe economic stress, including a lack of liquidity, rising youth unemployment, critical shortages of medicines and medical supplies in healthcare facilities, rising inflation, and an escalating cost of living. Against this backdrop, he argues that the government should prioritize allocating resources to address these pressing issues rather than indulging in unnecessary expenditures.

The Vice President of the Patriotic Front also expressed concern over what he sees as an unbalanced distribution of the motor vehicles, claiming that the majority have been allocated to United Party for National Development (UPND)-controlled councils in Southern and Western Provinces. According to Lubinda, out of a total of 70 vehicles, 56 have been given to UPND-controlled councils, with only nine allocated to PF-controlled councils and eight to independent-controlled councils in the other provinces.

Lubinda argued that such distribution violates Article 147 of the Constitution of Zambia, which demands equitable distribution and application of national resources to all regions and citizens without favoritism or preference. Accusing President Hichilema and his government of discrimination and regional bias, Lubinda described their actions as divisive, ethnic, unpatriotic, and highly polarizing.

He further claimed that Hichilema’s alleged divisive behavior extends beyond the distribution of vehicles, permeating all aspects of government business, including job appointments and contract allocations. Lubinda cited the recent recruitment of Eagle Holdings Limited, owned by the Zambia National Service (ZNS), where he alleges that individuals from a specific region were favored. Lubinda warned that such actions based on ethnicity and regionalism could sow disunity and division, posing a threat to the unity of Zambia as One Zambia One Nation.


  1. It speaks volumes when lubinda who hails from the west and south, points out tribalism. It is clear as day and night that this government is tribal and full of thieves. Comrade lubinda you will rule this country one day. Far more capable than the big liar hh. God bless you

    • Never should a failed politician like Lubinda, even in the days when PF ruled, I knew Lubinda was a wrong chap…zayelo alitumpa sana

    • He is only failed to the tribal mind. Lubinda was once upnd but even he couldn’t stand the tribalism in your party.

    • @ Kaizar Zulu,continue pumping sense in these people,you always talk sense,please put these tribalists in their place

    • Yes continue yapping about tribalism kaili it helped you lose in 2021 and it will ensure you are permanently buried in 2026.

    • Dude love, what sort of f00Iish gay name is that? This guy loves dudes. Look what gay upnd is doing to our society. Gays are now empowered to even kill those that refuse their advances.

  2. In the USA and SA …………

    They have affirmative action where marginalised ethnic groups are given a chance in life…………

    For 10 years of PF rule , only people from 2 regions where given jobs , even infrastructure investments favuored mostly 2 regions…….

  3. However……..

    Do not belive a discredited politician like zayelo lubinda………..

    His facts and figures are wrong and will be debunked soon by GRZ

  4. These are disgruntled yapping machines DYM. Same WhatsApp group with Tayankoko and Kayisa Gumugumu

    • Check PF criminals appointments before pointing fingers at upnd , from DCs, boards, permeant secretaries, high commission, Ambassadors, recruitment and ministers.A grade 7 who failed the exams 10 times can not advice a pupil who is seating for the first time on how to write the exam.pf used to go to UK with alot of musicians and manipulate the prices on goods.we are able to see the balanced tribals in this government not the way it was in PF government.kaisala Zulu just sit down very is nothing sense you are talking.

  5. Really laughable…PF the party that was procuring 42 X 42 Fire tenders, Ambulances for close to $300,000 each that cost $70,000 ( and that is the tip of the iceberg) is now condemning reckless expenditure.

  6. Hon Lubinda, sometimes learn to appreciate, when PF was in power you employed people from 2 regions forgetting that Zambia practice what is called inter marriage. The same people you were trying to punish are the same people you have married, and they are currently cooking for you.

    Kindly sir spare Zambia, as of today our children know that their home village is Lusaka and they belong to only one tribe called Zambia because of the beautiful inter marriage culture.

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