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Fred M’membe Questions Government’s Explanation for Drug and Equipment Shortage


The President of the Socialist Party, Fred M’membe, has raised concerns about the Zambian government’s failure to provide a clear and honest explanation for the critical shortage of drugs and medical equipment in the country’s health centers, clinics, and hospitals.

According to Dr. M’membe, despite the government’s claim of allocating substantial resources to the health sector, it has openly acknowledged the existence of a crisis without offering a satisfactory explanation. He suggests that vested business interests play a significant role in the ongoing shortage, alleging that the government is unwilling to procure drugs from a local supplier who already has the needed medication available.

Dr. M’membe criticizes what he perceives as political posturing and blame-shifting, asserting that such tactics do not effectively address the issue at hand. He emphasizes the severe consequences of drug and equipment shortages, including increased out-of-pocket costs for patients, higher rates of drug errors, adverse events, and potentially even mortality.

The Socialist Party President highlights the poor health outcomes in Zambia, particularly the high number of maternal and infant deaths. He argues that prioritizing the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring swift access to drugs listed in the Essential Drugs List are crucial steps toward resolving the shortage and achieving universal health coverage for all citizens.

Dr. M’membe’s statement points to the need for the government to address the drug and equipment shortage in Zambia’s healthcare system. By providing transparent explanations and taking concrete actions to rectify the situation, the government can work towards improving healthcare outcomes and demonstrating its commitment to the well-being of the Zambian people.


  1. And this government is busy boasting the economy has tremendously improved.

    I have never seen a president who is always responding to what he reads on social media. Social media information ilakalipa elo ilacita reach bwangu the vulnerable. How the president wishes social media did not exist under his rule

  2. They can afford to buy cars for their wives and VXs for their side chicks and yet they are failing to provide simple panadol in hospital. They are all ugly cows. 2026 kuyabebele

  3. The Speaker’s Committee chaired by Christopher Kalila, medical doctor and successful businessman, found that there was a critical shortage of essential drugs in health institutions and that most essential equipment was malfunctioning. This was against the report that the Ministry of Finance had released all funds allocated to the Ministry. So Fred is correct. The problem is man-made and that’s due to business interests of those in government

  4. This government is useless. It is full of self praise and showing us graphs I do not need a graph to know the cost of living. I just need to go to a shop. This is what is on the ground: mealie meal is k200, fertilizer is k1350, electricity has been increased, fuel k29 and IMF is giving them money using a feeding bottle. Meanwhile the tax holiday continues and KCM and Mopani story continues. Enjoy your CDF and free education bayufi but you will have little inheritance because we are drinking our NAPSA.

  5. Most local suppliers are maginalised, always undergoing stringent unqualified scrutiny. Before any one imports, the local market must be exhausted. SME in Zambia is “killed” at the expence of multilateral conglomerates just to hide corruption. Allegations about
    TFM Holdings and its chairman, Mcebisi speak volumes why Silvia chooses such extrinsic transactions.

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