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Government Orders Cease of Mining in Lower Zambezi National Park Due to Breach of Conditions


The Zambian government, acting through the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), has ordered the suspension of all mining operations in the Lower Zambezi National Park. The decision comes as a result of non-compliance with the conditions outlined in a letter issued to Mwembeshi Resources Limited.

In a recent statement released by the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment, Minister Collins Nzovu highlighted that ZEMA had unequivocally established multiple violations committed by Mwembeshi Resources Limited. These violations relate to the conditions stipulated in the Environmental Impact Assessment letter issued on May 7, 2021, regarding the proposed large-scale mining activities.

According to Minister Nzovu, the infractions prompted ZEMA, in accordance with section 106 of the Environmental Management Act No. 12 of 2011, to issue a Compliance Order to Mwembeshi Resources Limited. The order mandates the immediate cessation of road construction within the national park and suspends the extraction of gravel and other construction materials from the two designated pits within the park’s boundaries.

Furthermore, the minister directed the company to submit a site environmental restoration plan. This plan should outline the steps required to restore the degraded areas within the national park, including the borrow pits, to their original condition as mandated by the Environmental Management Act.

The decision to halt mining activities in the Lower Zambezi National Park aligns with the commitments outlined in the United Party for National Development (UPND) Party Manifesto. The party emphasizes the importance of efficient and sustainable management of land, recognizing it as a valuable and limited resource. The government aims to ensure that both public and private sectors adhere to responsible land-use practices.

The Lower Zambezi National Park, situated along the Zambezi River, is renowned for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes. The park is home to various wildlife species, including elephants, lions, and hippos. It is a significant ecological and tourist attraction, attracting visitors from around the world.

Environmentalists and conservationists have applauded the government’s decision to halt mining operations in the national park. They argue that protecting such pristine natural areas is crucial for preserving biodiversity and maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems. Additionally, they stress the importance of sustainable development practices that consider the long-term impact on the environment and local communities.

Local communities and environmental organizations are calling for stringent monitoring of compliance with environmental regulations in order to prevent further encroachment on the national park. They also advocate for the involvement of stakeholders, including local communities, in decision-making processes regarding land use and resource extraction.

As the government takes steps to address the non-compliance issues and restore the affected areas within the Lower Zambezi National Park, there is hope that the natural beauty and ecological significance of the park will be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy.


  1. They have not even started mining and they have breached conditions…can you imagine when they start and also bring in Ivory poachers and animal smugglers. This is indeed a sleepy govt they are only reacting due to public outcry….Zambia does not have the capcity to monitor such activities in a pristine game reserve away from public eye.

    • Even this is just a Nollywood stunt. The government is pretending to act after which they will come and tell us they have obtained assurance from the mining company to adhere to environmental requirements. The project should not have started in the first place! Zambians have put forward valid reasons for objecting which the government ignored. Zambia wont have the capacity to monitor abeyance to environment by these Westerners. The company knows this and thats why they have been reckless

    • So yaps a violent and a kafifinta PF bandit. Chi mpobosa kafifinta PF bandit when are you going to the convention?

      Even a fourth term bid for visionless Kafifinta Lungu won’t work owe chukulumungu. Umungulu PF nama hijackers ba Em em D.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. Fuseke. Whilst we did deals that would benefit the country at large from this mining, hh has been demanded by his Western controllers to change things there to suit them. Remember the Western gays funded his election.

    • The evidence is readily available in the public domain. Search for “benthrust foundation upnd “.

      Learn to research!

    • Kafifinta Zulu the hijacker. How much school fees are you paying owe chukulumungu?

      Skeleton Key ~206~

  3. Because HH in his 20 years plus in opposition promised a number mining giants mines in exchange to sponsorship, the mining sector will just be in circles because when one mine is giving out, others question HH. What is happening to Mopani and KCM?

  4. ZEMA is just enforcing compliance order due to violations committed by Mwembeshi Resources Limited.Knowing that a number of stakeholders are against mining activities within the national park, Mwembeshi Resources Limited should have adhered to the environmental regulations. Due to these violations, the next step is to revoke the licence given to Mwembeshi Resources Limited with approval by Harry Kalaba!!

  5. Good for govt to put sustainability in the front seat. Many of these companies can not conduct mining in their countries of origin due to stringent environmental laws

  6. Sustainability and mining are two words that shouldn’t go together. And this is simply applying bicycle brakes to a truck, it will not hold for a second. Very soon they will resume their ‘sustainable’ degradation of the NP.
    The UPND gvment is caught between a rock and a hard place. Promises were made to allow mining, now Europeans want a stop to this. You cannot be attending CoO summit and cry about global warming, get funds to fight it and then allow mining.

  7. Final thoughts. Every country exploits it’s resources to trade with others.. oil, timber, minerals, salt, natural guess etc. This mining would have been excused if the government owned the mine and the proceeds were going directly to government coffers unlike private foreign companies.
    Maintain the mine, benefit white Zambians who have monopoly over tourist activities, allow mining and benefits other foreigners. As it stands, the Zambians are not getting anything here.

  8. Hope this mining activity will cease permanently. Not this temporary stop order which can resume anytime.

  9. Just cancel it all together. There are alot of areas which have minerals but without animals. These guys are just interested in Ivory.

  10. It was very wrong to grant a mining licence for an area reserved for animals and tourism activities. Whoever approved it did not think about the environmental impact

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