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Government Increases Budgetary Allocation to Social Protection to Reduce Poverty


Lusaka, In a concerted effort to alleviate poverty among vulnerable communities, the UPND government has announced an increase in budgetary allocation to social protection programs. Vice President Mutale Nalumango made this announcement during the launch of the Zambia Social Protection Week, emphasizing the importance of social protection in reducing poverty and helping individuals and communities cope with various social challenges.

The launch of the Zambia Social Protection Week took place at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka and brought together key stakeholders, policymakers, and experts to exchange ideas and explore avenues for enhancing social protection programs in the country.

During her address, Vice President Nalumango highlighted the government’s commitment to reviewing social protection policies to ensure they align with the current economic trends. This proactive approach will enable the government to enhance the effectiveness of these programs in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

“Social protection is a key strategy that can lift people out of poverty and help them adapt to the shocks brought about by social challenges,” stated Vice President Nalumango. She further emphasized the significance of social protection as a vital tool in promoting social equity and inclusivity.

Acting Community Development Minister Elvis Nkandu also praised the launch of the Zambia Social Protection Week, highlighting the importance of bringing stakeholders together to share ideas and enhance the existing social protection programs. The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders are expected to lead to tangible improvements in the lives of those in need.

The commendation extended beyond Zambia’s borders, with Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Johan Hallenborg expressing satisfaction with the country’s social protection program. Development partners, including Sweden, have acknowledged the UPND government’s commitment to poverty reduction through comprehensive social protection measures.

Meanwhile, United Nations Resident Coordinator Beatrice Mutali emphasized that social protection is not only a universal human right but also a key factor in achieving the global goal of eradicating poverty by 2030. The UN has long advocated for the prioritization of social protection measures worldwide.

The World Bank, through its Country Manager Sahr Kpundeh, pledged continued support to the Zambian government in its efforts to enhance social protection. Recognizing the importance of such programs, the World Bank reiterated its commitment to collaborating with the Zambian government in implementing effective social protection policies.


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  2. CDF and social protection programs are just a way of stealing money. This government knows that there is no accountability in these programs and channeling money to such so that they pay their cadres who they have failed to create employment for after they lied to them. Also the high belief that this government has in white people to develop this country is a wrong one. Only Zambians will develop Zambia.

  3. And we are wasting tax payers money flying to Ukraine for photo op with Putin and yet Zambians live in extreme poverty and die because of malnutrition….isn’t the war we are supposed to fight… many Ukrainians have died in the last 14 days due to war and how many Zambians have died in the last 14 days due to poverty and lack of proper medication in hospitals…..shame on you HH and your other useless African leaders

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