Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MP Highlights Agriculture as the Foundation of the Country’s Development


Chilanga Member of Parliament, Sipho Hlazo, emphasized the vital role of agriculture as the cornerstone of the country’s development. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the district agriculture and commercial show in Chilanga, Mr. Hlazo stressed the importance of diversification in agricultural production to maximize its potential.

Mr. Hlazo affirmed the government’s commitment to bringing development closer to the people, evident through initiatives such as the decentralization policy and increased allocations to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Under the theme of “Inclusive Economic Transformation,” the district agriculture and commercial show aimed to showcase the potential of the agricultural sector.

Encouraging citizens in the district to actively participate in government development programs, Mr. Hlazo emphasized the need for sustainable agricultural practices and responsible land use for the benefit of future generations.

Simon Chiputa, Chairperson of the Chilanga District Agriculture and Commercial Show Society, appealed to the government to identify a permanent location for future events. Holding the show at a school ground posed challenges as it disrupted ongoing classes. Chiputa requested a dedicated venue to ensure the smooth execution of the event without affecting educational activities.

Expressing gratitude to the government, Chiputa acknowledged the successful release of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP), which greatly contributed to the impressive yield exhibited by various cooperatives at the show.

During the vote of thanks, Chris Akufuna, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Representative, urged the government to ensure timely distribution of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Program for the upcoming agricultural season. This timely assistance would enable farmers to achieve even better crop yields.

The 8th District Agriculture and Commercial Show featured the participation of nine companies, including banks and health institutions, seven government departments, three SMEs, and several cooperatives. The event provided a platform for exhibitors to showcase their produce and foster agricultural and economic development in the region.


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