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Zambia witnessing unprecedented development – Masebo


Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo says the country is witnessing unprecedented development through the implementation of various projects under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Ms. Masebo said she is happy that Chongwe Constituency is also benefiting from CDF projects which have been successfully completed in the area under the fund.

She stated that the actualisation of CDF is a demonstration of the decentralisation of resources to residents in all communities across the country.

Ms. Masebo was speaking when she officially commissioned a one by three classroom block at Chilyabale primary school, another one by three classroom block and Ablution block at Chongwe primary school as well as another Ablution block at Mpemba primary school in Chongwe district.

She said she is pleased that projects that are being implemented through CDF in the constituency are progressing well and are already benefiting communities.

Ms. Masebo called on communities in Chongwe to also prioritise the construction of Ablution blocks with waterborne toilets in schools to enhance good sanitation and hygiene standards.

She further urged School authorities at the three institutions to ensure that they take care of the infrastructure which was being commissioned today.

Meanwhile, Chongwe mayor Christopher Habeenzu stated that construction of classroom blocks at Chilyabale and Chongwe primary schools will decongest classrooms at the two schools which have a large population of pupils.

Mr. Habeenzu noted that Chongwe primary school in particular is one of the most congested schools in the district because it accommodates many pupils coming from Chongwe central ward.

“Chongwe primary school is one of the most congested schools we have in our district. A classroom can have as many as over a 100 pupils for a lesson. The 1 by 3 Classroom Block being handed over today will help to create more learner space and the desks will address the challenge of pupils sitting on the floor which has been the case at this school for a long time,” Mr. Habeenzu stated.

The mayor said the purchase of desks for two classroom blocks adhered to the directive by President Hakainde Hichilema to have no child seating on the floor in classrooms at all schools across the country.

He assured the public in Chongwe that the implementation of CDF through the local authority is being administered in an exemplary manner.

And CDF committee chairperson for Chongwe Constituency Grace Kapila commended Chongwe municipal council for administering CDF in a transparent manner.

Ms. Kapila also disclosed that all projects which were started in 2022 through CDF in Chongwe are progressing well with most of them nearing completion.

“All CDF projects which commenced in 2022 in all the 21 wards are all progressing well and I am pleased to note that most of them are above 90 percent completion levels,” Ms. Kapila said

She called on ward development committees to work together with members of their respective communities to enable them to participate in the identification and proposal of projects which they want to implement under CDF.


  1. With no panadols in hospitals and excessively high costs of mealie meal? UIichlchupu masebo. Fuseke!

  2. Really? Unprecedented development? What a dreamer!
    I actually thought most thieves dont dream. They know its a waste of time so they just wake up and steal.

    • No politicians live in their own country away from John Laing, Kanyama, Mandevu, Kalingalinga, Chipulukusu

  3. It’s not unprecedented madam.

    Those so called classroom blocks and ablution blocks you are celebrating as unprecedented the PF did them 100 times over throughout the country.

    So, it’s precedented.

  4. No! Politicians live in their own country away from John Laing, Kanyama, Mandevu, Kalingalinga, Chipulukusu

  5. Most the development if you can call it that happened during Sata and continued under Jameson. Yes there was also misappropriation. But it was during this period that we saw major transformations of the country

  6. Its the same cheap structure not a high-tech ones all over the country that will be vandalised and, maintaining them, will be a thing of a past. and that is development?

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