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“CHAPRE Outreach Programs Condemns Police Brutality and Calls for Upholding the Rule of Law”


Community Health Action on Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Empowerment (CHAPRE) Outreach Programs’ Press Statement on Police Brutality and the Rule of Law

CHAPRE Outreach Programs expresses disappointment with the Acting Government Spokesperson, Mr. Makozo Chikote, for dismissing claims that Zambia is gradually becoming a Police State. We believe that the concerns about the failure to uphold democratic principles, human rights, and the rule of law by law enforcement agencies are valid and should be treated with the necessary seriousness.

The current unprofessional behavior exhibited by law enforcement agencies towards individuals with dissenting views, particularly opposition members, is deeply concerning. It would be inappropriate for the government to support such actions that infringe upon human rights and the rule of law, especially when the President has emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law by these institutions. Misinterpreting honest criticism or exposing wrongdoings of law enforcement agencies as deliberate attempts to glorify suspected criminals or hinder the police from fulfilling their constitutional duties is regrettable. Such statements give the impression that the New Dawn Government is no longer attentive to the people’s concerns.

Therefore, we strongly urge the appointing authority to closely examine the situation within these institutions and take prompt action to prevent further escalation. While we acknowledge the progress made under the New Dawn Government, we believe that the President’s inner circle may not be providing an accurate representation of the reality on the ground. We challenge the President to assemble a capable team that shares his beliefs and party ideologies, a team that focuses on effective governance rather than merely praising him, and one that can contribute to the growth and development of the economy.

Thank you,
CHAPRE Outreach Programs
Chazingwa Daka
Executive Director


  1. Police with guns is the image of policing in Africa. Portraying government’s inability to police civil society without GUNS. They just have to have guns. They just have to shoot someone

  2. We are complaining to wrong people. In a Banana Republic police are told what to do. Go directly to HH and IG and tell them to follow the law. How can you have one arresting officer Joseph Kapasa found at every police arrest and also heading the torcher units? This is their stooge who is getting instructions from the high office.

  3. Don’t jump to conclusions if you’re ignorant of issues and operations of security issues. What you should know is that stabon people, people who choose to be in operative with the security wings when wanted, attract relative roughness from the wings. As for mwamba, you actually know him. He thinks and asserts himself as a sacred cow, the untouchable. Please let the police and others perform their duties accordingly. We are cimg from a regime that used cadres as the main police wing.and mwamba used to see how and encourage the cadres to rough up innocent citizens, including the police officers

  4. Ignore people at your own peril. One day these voices will get louder and as it usually happens it becomes too late to do anything about it. Leaders never learn unfortunately. Not everyone who is hurt is on social media to complain. We should also remember that only about 2.8m voted for UPND, Where’s the more than half the population? Certainly they have not all become UPND. Time will Tell.

  5. The police work under the IG instructions who gets them from the higher authorities. so address the ring leaders who sends them. These are the root causers.

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