Friday, June 14, 2024

Solwezi Mayor refutes misuse of K31 million


Solwezi Mayor Remmy Kalepa has refuted allegations labeled against the municipality that it has misappropriated funds amounting to 31 million kwacha.

Mr. Kalepa told a media briefing in Solwezi that the local authority is up to date in running all its projects and has been able to pay the contractors without problems.

He said if what has been reported in social media is true the council would not have been able to give Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to cooperatives, and paying contractors.

Mr. Kalepa said more than 100 cooperatives have received grants from the council and is supporting college students by the same CDF adding that he does not understand where the issue of misappropriation of the K31 kwacha is coming from.

He challenged journalists to do their own investigations and find out the truth.

And when asked why investigative wings of the government closed some offices at the finance department at the council, the Mayor said only auditors from Lusaka visited the local authority to do scheduled auditing and they are waiting for a report.


  1. It’s easy to know when these chaps begin to steal, their lifestyles change. Someone who’s been staying in Messenger suddenly shifts to Kandundwe after CDF has been increased is an indication that bread is now being buttered. Let’s just wait for the audit report and not this media brief. There’s no smoke without fire

  2. For as long as this LGBT rights are not enacted in zambia, nothing will work. You will continue suffering and corruption will continue regardless of whichever leader or party is in power. The curse will only be lifted when LGBTs are respected.

    • Yaks, and I am saying for as long as you continue to discriminate and not enact gay friendly laws in zambia, then the curse of theft and corruption and all negative things will continue in this country.

    • Comradej, you also repent and stop misleading people about LGBT rights. The world knows the truth, who are you to question something based on a religion that was brought to you by the same people that now have huge respect for lgbt rights?

  3. The story is without detail. When politicians defend themselves real journalists probe. Not just “asked why investigative wings of the government closed some offices at the finance department at the council,”
    Get a source from the investigative wings!

  4. The more things change they more they get worse…..@ Brother TIKKI @Brother Spaka whats going on with UPND

  5. Sensational reporting by the media in this case. ‘butt ye C late as wet four the fine dings fro Mmm the invest tea gate tea vs…

  6. Let investigative teams investigate so that council can provide all records of income and expenditure which should be also available for public scrutiny.

  7. It’s one of the most useless council’s in zam.
    I was told that they even use a fire engine to water flowers in there CBD.
    Very useless administrators who equate success to the number of GD6 hiluxes they buy per year.
    Dullness at it’s highest point, there is a high way in the middle of town motorist can go up to 120km/h in town.fatal accidents take place in town.the statistics are there for everyone to see.
    They’re waiting for HH to fix there faulty street lights.VERY USELESS MUNICIPAL COUNCIL!!!!!

    • I was there one time when there was a fire in a factory. They had to wait for a fire engine from Chingola! I was really shocked

  8. CDF was tailored by ichilema in such a away that his cadres can steal without being investigated. The Auditor Generals Office does not have powers to audit CDF because it does not fall in their Jurisdiction. The offices that are supposed to audit CDF have been filled with ichilema’s appointees. It it free for all for his cadres now. Even before clocking two years Zambia is a typical animal farm.


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