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Eastern Water Losing Half Of Its Water


Eastern Water and Sanitation Company is grappling with a major challenge as it loses nearly half of the water it generates before reaching its intended customers. The alarming water loss has been attributed to the state of dilapidated infrastructure, as reported by the company’s Public Relations Officer, Moses Nsunge.

In a recent interview with ZNBC News in Chipata, Mr. Nsunge shed light on the concerning situation. He revealed that the company is experiencing substantial water losses due to the deteriorating condition of its water infrastructure, leading to a direct impact on the hours of water supply to customers.

“The loss of water is a serious issue for us,” said Mr. Nsunge. “Approximately half of the water we generate is being lost before it reaches our customers, and this is primarily because of the dilapidated state of our infrastructure.”

The implications of such significant water loss are far-reaching, affecting not only the company’s operational efficiency but also the quality and reliability of water supply to the communities it serves. The reduction in the hours of supply has resulted in hardships for the customers, who are experiencing interruptions in their access to clean water.

Mr. Nsunge emphasized the urgent need for action to address the infrastructure challenges faced by the Eastern Water and Sanitation Company. Repairing and upgrading the water distribution network is vital to ensure efficient and sustainable water supply to the region.

“We are aware of the impact this is having on our customers, and we are working diligently to rectify the situation,” Mr. Nsunge assured. “Our top priority is to improve our infrastructure, reduce water losses, and enhance the hours of supply for our valued customers.”

Efforts to address the water loss issue are crucial not only for the well-being of the communities but also for the overall water resource management and conservation in the region. Reducing water losses will contribute to efficient water utilization and preserve this vital resource for future generations.

As Eastern Water and Sanitation Company grapples with these challenges, it is imperative for the relevant authorities to provide the necessary support and resources to address the dilapidated infrastructure promptly. Collaborative efforts between the company and government bodies will be essential to finding viable solutions and ensuring sustainable water supply in the region.

The issue of water loss serves as a pressing reminder of the importance of investing in and maintaining water infrastructure to safeguard water resources and meet the growing demand for clean water. As the company works towards overcoming these obstacles, the public remains hopeful for improvements that will restore reliable water supply to the communities in Eastern Zambia.

With continued efforts and proactive measures, Eastern Water and Sanitation Company can overcome its infrastructure challenges and reaffirm its commitment to providing reliable and accessible water services to the people it serves. The well-being and prosperity of the region depend on securing this precious resource for a sustainable and water-secure future.


  1. Since the inception of the first water utility in 1988, the Lusaka Water & Sewerage Company, nothing has improved. In some cases even local authorities performed better. This is a failed undertaking that must be revisited pronto! Government has continued to pump in substantial amounts of money but things continue to worsen as they yearn for more. The only achievement they’ve recorded is the heavy top management. I urge Garry Nkombo to make a bold decision and revert this function to local authorities so that it’s properly supervised. That way it’ll just be under one HoD answerable to the Executive Mayor or Council Chairperson

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