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Nine members of same family burnt in inferno


Nine members of the same family from Koto village in Chief Bundabunda’s Chiefdom of Chongwe district in Lusaka Province, are nursing burns after their house caught fire as they were watching television yesterday.

Confirming the incident in a statement, Zambia Police service spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, stated that police in Chongwe received a report from Mr. James Chilanga of Koto Village who disclosed that a transformer in the area developed a fault and burst into flames.

Mr. Hamoonga said Mr. Chilanga revealed that a house which is located a few meters away from the transformer caught fire which burnt the nine victims.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the victims namely, Moses Banda aged 61, Layana Shakufwaya aged 38, Clever Chiyesa aged 30, Bright Mudenda aged 24, Modester Kankwala aged 22, and four female Juveniles two aged five, Six and Seven were watching television, then suddenly they heard a loud bang coming from a ZESCO transformer and the house in which the victims were caught fire through the sockets and sparks which burnt the victims,” Mr. Hamoonga said.

Mr. Hamoonga said Police and the Fire brigade were  informed immediately and rushed to the scene.

He added that 8 of the victims sustained mild burns on the legs  and a female juvenile aged five sustained severe burns on the head adding that she was referred to Levy Mwanawasa teaching hospital where she is admitted.

Mr. Hamoonga further stated that the 8 victims are currently admitted at Chongwe District hospital and their condition is said to be stable.


    • Zesco must compansete those people, as it is their duty to keep their equipment safe all the time you cannot blame thieves when such incidents happen the lawyers must move in quickly.

    • #Nshilimubemba…gone are the days when Zesco police were more powerful than the state police. These days Zesco installations survive by the grace of God. Thieves can break into a substation and remove components at will.

  1. Very tragic. You never know where your problem will come from or when. Wishing them quick and healthy recovery.

  2. Living off grid and using risky ways to obtain power results in this. Sad. Can the government look into electrifying rural areas

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