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HH encourages Zimbabweans to maintain peace


President Hakainde Hichilema has wished the people of Zimbabwe peaceful elections as the country goes to the polls on August 23, 2023.

President Hichilema has further urged the people of Zimbabwe to remain peaceful, during and after the elections.

Mr. Hichilema has implored political parties taking part in the August polls to conduct themselves responsibly, by holding peaceful elections.

“We would like to indicate how concerned we are that elections in our countries, region, continent and the world must remain peaceful, free and fair.”

He said this when a special envoy sent by President Emmerson Mnangagwa paid a courtesy call on him at State House.

President Hichilema further urged the people of Zimbabwe to remain united and accept the outcome of the elections.

He said despite the anxiety that comes with elections, especially during the counting period, the people of Zimbabwe must remain calm and respect the wishes of the voters.

He said the wish of Zambia is to forge strong economic relations with Zimbabwe, which is anchored on brotherhood.

The Head of State said this will greatly benefit the two peoples, adding that this will result in strong bilateral cooperation.

President Hichilema reiterated that he was looking forward to seeing strong friendships and partnerships prior and after the elections in Zimbabwe.

And in delivering a special message from President Mnangagwa, ZANU PF Treasurer General Patrick Chinamasa informed President Hichilema that the political environment in the neighboring Zimbabwe is peaceful.

Mr. Chinamasa hoped that the prevailing situation will remain the same during and after the August 23rd polls.

“So far, the political environment is peaceful, it’s our expectation that it will remain peaceful during the campaign,” He said.

He said the livelihoods of the people of Zimbabwe and Zambia are intertwined, hence the call to uphold good neighborliness.

Mr. Chinamasa said Zimbabwe is looking towards being integrated in the operations of the Kazungula bridge.

He hoped that Zambia will support the integration of Zimbabwe’s partnership in the Kazungula border.

Meanwhile Mr. Chinamasa has disclosed that there are two projects that Zimbabwe is pushing in order for them to be implemented for the benefit of the two countries.

He cited the Batoka and the Beira railway line as the two projects that need to be implemented with speed.

He said the Beira railway line will link Zimbabwe to Zambia and hence trade between the two countries.

Mr. Chinamasa said if the two projects are undertaken will further cement the already existing relationship.

The special envoy later held closed door talks with President Hichilema at State House.


  1. How can they maintain peace when Munangagwa is planning to rig the election eg not allowing the opposition to hold campaign rallies? Just warn Munangagwa instead of going around in circles.

    • Zimbabweans are dull, why have they failed to have presidents ECL or HH. That ka Chamisa they are voting for is same as Zambians voting for Chilufya Tayali.

  2. Oh ZANU-PF, what more can be said? It’s time for the liberation movement-turned political party to exit the scene and allow Zimbabwe to move on. It’s just my wish though. ZANU-PF is going nowhere. Emerson Munangagwa has already won the election. If ZANU-PF had been delivering as the Singapore governing party, I would hv no problem. It pains me to see what was once the most industrialised African economy after South Africa turned into an unstable basket case now too corrupt to be a viable country.

    • Yes corruption in Zimbabwe, even under Mugabe, played a role in destroying the country. But we must not ignore, or forget the role the West played in aiding this destruction by their unjust sanctions. True ZANU-PF need to go, unless they can field a new leader that will be different from the current one. But the West should also stop undermining Zimbabwe’s attempt at progress.

  3. Hakiande just tell Emerson as it is, for someone who was in opposition for a long time and faced what Zimbabwean opposition is going through; you need not beat about the bush. Mnangagwa has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe I dont see him accepting any results that dont go his way you just have to remember how he ascended to the hot seat after double crossing his best mate Magabe

  4. This shows you how useless AU and SADC are……….

    They are club where tin pot dictators fighting imaginary colonial wars find support and refuge ……….

    • I have to agree…Zimbabwe needs and deserves better from Sadc, our sister nation has suffered too much under Zanu PF, we need a change there…last I heard Chamisa wants to boycott the elections because of fears of wide spread rigging…one day good will triumph over evil… one day Zanu PF will be removed!

    • There was a time when taking holidays to Zimbabwe across the border to Victoria Town in the 80s was like taking a holiday to a country outside the continent; metered Taxis, paved roads, garden parks etc. AU are a bunch of old men who use the venue to catch up evn when there is a war in Sudan…you need a fearless leader like Sankara to shake things up. Hakiande is too much of a Western business man to do anything

  5. For as long as gay rights are not allowed, Zimbabwe and zambia will never develop. Most rich countries are pro lgbt

  6. The Girl on the left hand side of our dearly beloved is dressed like a Peacock. My Gosh!! What point is being made here?

  7. Zimbabweans are intelligent enough to choose their own leader instead of one imposed on them by the colonialists. Zambia has been asked by the imperialists to pick and promote a side favoured by the imperialists. Let the people of Zimbabwe decide what’s good for them and we will assist when requested to do so otherwise don’t pick sides.

    • In that case why not have a free and fair election, instead of stopping opposition parties from campaigning freely? In Zambia, no white imperialist went round forceing people to vote for UPND. Instead people protested against a corrupt and violent PF regime. OK, may be imperialists favoured UPND. But in the end, people freely voted for change. May be the people of Zimbabwe, especially rural dwellers, are easily intimidated by ZANU PF.

    • Not sure which Zambia you are on about but the one we know everyone knows that there were forces who influenced the elections. We know this because they are in and out of state house ripping their rewards. They have been kicked out of Zimbabwe but now they want to use Zambia for their dirty tricks.


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