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Anthrax breaks out in Nalolo district


Nalolo District in Western Province has received 3,400 doses of anthrax vaccines after the district recorded some cases of anthrax in a few identified areas.

Nalolo District Fisheries and Livestock Officer, Dr Deborah Wambiji said test results that were conducted last week from both Western Province Regional Laboratory and Central Veterinary Research Institute in Lusaka have confirmed the disease out-break.

Dr Wambinji disclosed in an interview  Nalolo that the disease outbreak has been recorded in Shekela, Muoyo, and Nanjucha veterinary camps.

She said treatment and vaccination of some of the affected herds is ongoing after the district received some vaccines from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, adding that other farmers are still organising funds for the activity.

“Some farmers are still looking for funds for treatment because the disease is classified under management disease where the farmer is required to take responsibility for treatment and vaccination,” Dr Wambinji said.

She further disclosed that the district is expecting more vaccines to cater for all the 286 affected animals including those that may contract the disease.

Dr Wambinji has since advised farmers to report any suspected cases of anthrax to the nearby camp officers and avoid eating meat from animals that die suddenly and are not inspected.

“’We have also encouraged affected farmers to separate the sick animals from the rest of the herd and also to restrict movement of their animals to avoid spreading the disease to other villages,” she stated.

 Anthrax is a disease that affects both animals and humans.


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