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Chinese Agriculture Minister Encourages Zambian Farmers to Boost Soya Bean Production for Export


The Chinese Minister of Agriculture, Tang Renjian, has extended a call to Zambian farmers, urging them to ramp up their cultivation of soya beans with the intention of exporting the produce to China. Minister Tang assured Zambian farmers of a guaranteed market, emphasizing that China is eager to purchase substantial quantities of soya beans, regardless of the volume.

Minister Tang conveyed that Zambian farmers need only to prepare their land and engage with experts from the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center (ATDC) to ensure successful cultivation. He acknowledged the impressive operations of ATDC and indicated the center’s commitment to employing advanced equipment to enhance its delivery of services.

During his visit to the ATDC in Chongwe, Minister Tang, accompanied by Zambian Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo, highlighted China’s reliance on imported soya beans as a staple food item, emphasizing the potential for a mutually beneficial trade partnership.

Agriculture Minister Mtolo expressed the government’s willingness to collaborate with ATDC in fostering increased soya bean cultivation for export. He also appealed for support in conducting soil mapping, a crucial step in optimizing crop growth.

Minister Mtolo underscored the importance of joint ventures, suggesting the involvement of Chinese experts equipped with irrigation and other necessary equipment to aid in achieving a globally significant level of soya bean production in Zambia.

Additionally, Professor Annie Sikwebele, Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Zambia, lauded ATDC’s efforts in establishing an efficient management system to cater to the agricultural needs of the Zambian farming community.


  1. Now where are those “negatives” /utupuba that we’re making noise “oh” Government is not buying soya, this and that. Atase! Talk now kaili we hear

  2. Govt has not bought soya up to now. Same fake promises like last farming season. When people start crying hunger & looting it becomes a challenge even for those in leadership. No one wins. What’s that saying “a hungry citizen is a angry voter.”

  3. Tons of soyabeans are rotting in the countryside as farmers are stranded with it. FRA, the institution that encouraged farmers to cultivate the crop and in fact distributed a lot of seeds isn’t accepting the product and many farmers don’t know what to do. They can’t travel from all over Zambia to the least known institution in Chongwe. If you publish buying depots countrywide, you’ll see droves of farmers with their deliveries. Don’t just make pronouncements in the press, follow it up with action! What’s your price and mode of payment?

    • @Ayatollah ,
      The first step of identifying the market has been successfully accomplished. It’s important to acknowledge this as a positive starting point.
      The subsequent step, which involves establishing the necessary processes, should follow now. By the same time next year, we’ll have a clearer view of the progress made. This timeline will provide a fair basis for constructive feedback. Premature criticism might not accurately reflect the ongoing efforts.
      Undoubtedly, the situation presents a promising opportunity for Zambia. The fact that China is actively diversifying away from the USA market bodes well for Zambia’s agricultural exports. Notably, China’s dependency on US soybeans was evident during a certain period, indicating the strategic importance of this commodity.

    • @General Kanene, you’re not a farmer so you don’t understand the stress that they’re going through. Last season FRA bought soyabeans at K11 per kilogram but aren’t buying this year. GRZ through FISP distributed inputs late, and that included soyabeans seed. Many farmers opted to plant soya because they expected a good return. They are shocked by the single decision not to buy the crop they were encouraged to cultivate. Many don’t have the capacity to store the product for a long time, as such they’re already losing. How does your comment help them?

  4. I have actually been disappointed by staff in our Ministry of Agriculture. There’s a department of agricultural marketing in the Ministry headed by very well-trained professionals whose duties should include monitoring commodity markets and prices in the big production and consumer nations around the world. From that information they can advise our farmers on opportunities available for export. From the way the Food Reserve Agency has behaved, it seems no such market and price monitoring is done. This is a shame because the Ministry of Agriculture has highly-trained professionals who should be equal to the task but have chosen not to serve their country.

  5. @ Esther Nyawa Tembo
    Typical of a gullible and dull praise singer….A Chinese opens his mouth and you start celebrating and jumping up and down….so as Zambians now we have to wait for either a Muzungu or Chinese to tell us what to grow and when to grow and how much we should grow…i can tell you’re a die hard UPND cadre just by your way of reasoning just like your dull demagogue President HH who insults his own country

  6. @Grant Kolala: Ofcourse iam born a die hard UPND cadre. Or did you get abt to lie, to say that iam PF or MMD? When iam not? You are mad – *****!

  7. Just the way the Traffic Police and their roadblocks decampaigned PF is how Mtolo is decampaigning UPND, this man should be fired…he left farmers stranded with their soya only for them to go and sell at low prices to useless crooked brief case buyers such as NuGro Agro, Mt Meru, Novatek and other exploitative buyers. Now after farmers have sold their soya you come to add salt to injury to tell them to grow the same crop again, when you left them completely destitute…please have some sense of pity…HH please fire Mtolo.

  8. @ Esther Nyawa Tembo
    You sound very bitter and confused am sure you’ve realized that HH is a failed project

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