Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Work on Chitokoloki road, appeals Chief Mpidi


Chief Mpidi of the Lunda speaking in Zambezi has called on government to work on the Chitokoloki road as it is an important road in the district.

Speaking when North-Western Province Permanent secretary Grandson Katambi went to check on him in Chitokoloko mission hospital where he is currently admitted, Chief Mpidi said the current state of the road is a threat to human life.

“You have seen for yourself the state of the road leading to the hospital, if a person were to be in emergency situation chances of survival are very slim” Chief Mipidi stated.

He added that other roads in the district equally need government attention as there has been no road that has been properly worked on in the district.

“The people here are ready to work with the government of the day; however certain happenings are discouraging them” he said.

Furthermore, he has said the district is lacking good schools where pupils could get standard education in a conducive environment.

Responding to the concern North-Western Province Permanent Secretary Colonel Grandson Katambi said there is already a partner who promised to work on the Chitokoloki road.

Col. Katambi said he will get in touch with the partner in question to inquire on how far they have gone with the plans.

The provincial permanent secretary further added that the government is doing everything possible to ensure all roads are worked on in the district.


    • Sand is not an obstacle to people with brains; Saudi Arabia, UAE, Namibia, Botswana, Israel all have more than Barotseland but have some of the world’s best roads.

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