Thursday, June 13, 2024

Five arrested for stealing Nkana Water pipes


Five people have been detained by police after they were found stealing Nkana Water pipes on Kitwe -Kalulushi Road.

Nkana Water Supply and Sanitation Company Public Relations Manager Bivan Saluseki said the five; all from Kalulushi were arrested on Monday around midnight after they were found uprooting the pipes.

The pipes are part of an emergency water supply line which runs from Kitwe into Kalulushi.

Mr. Saluseki said the five suspects further led police and Nkana Water security to Kalulushi where the team managed to recover three steel on the Kalulushi – Kitwe Road and further recovered five steel pipes at one of the suspect’s residence in Kalulushi.

During the course of the investigations, a Toyota canter white in colour which is suspected to have been used to ferry the pipes to Kalulushi from the scene of crime was recovered in Kalulushi and it has since been impounded by police.

Police also managed to recover eight pipes valued at K36, 000.00 and the same has been kept as exhibits.

The five suspects are currently in police custody pending court proceedings.

Mr. Saluseki said Nkana Water was beefing up security in vandalism and theft prone areas.

“We are also working closely with security wings and other key institutions to deal with rising cases of vandalism. This is therefore a warning to all thieves and would be thieves that their time is up,” he said.


  1. These deserve jail. The thing that encourages these thieves to continue vandalizing service installations, is the people who buy these stolen items. Without buyers these people wouldn’t be stealing. Let’s play our part… don’t buy used items without investigating their source.

    • It’s not vandalism but plain theft. A vandal is someone who just destroys or damages valuable things and leaves the wreckage without making any financial gain from his act. These thefts are very common these days and take place frequently in farming areas. Soweto Market or Lusaka City Market in Lusaka is a major centre for selling stolen water pipes and water pumps. It’s a market that’s in need of serious regulation of the source of goods being sold there.

  2. The rot starts from the head…if the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is mentioned in all criminal activities then expect things to get worse….HH LIED TO THE YOUTHS WHO VOTED FOR HIM AND NOW THEYRE GETTING FRUSTRATED…..HH SHOULD STOP STEALING OUR MINERALS AND GIVING AWAY TO FOREIGNERS FOR FREE


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