Spend holidays in Zambia, Sikumba tells Zambians in the diaspora

Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba
Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba

Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba, has implored Zambians living in the diaspora to consider spending their family holidays in their home country-Zambia.

Mr Sikumba says Zambia has magnificent tourism sites that offer a unique experience for both local and international tourists.

Mr Sikumba has since encouraged Zambians living in the diaspora to contribute in growing the country’s economy by spending their holidays in Zambia.

The Minister of Tourism said this last evening during a cultural dinner to mark the close of the Sports Expo and Forum which ran from the 25th to 26th of August 2023.

Mr Sikumba has also called on Zambians living in the diaspora to invest back home.

He said this is the right time that Zambians abroad should invest in various sectors of the economy.

Meanwhile, Mr Sikumba has called for the preservation of the country’s culture.

He said Zambia has a unique culture which the Ministry of Tourism which will continue to market to the outside world.

The Minister meanwhile thanked the Zambia Diaspora Organisation for initiating and organising the first ever Sports Expo and Forum.

He said the level of participation during the two days event is a testament of the power of sport in uniting people.

Mr Sikumba said the Sports Expo created a platform for Zambia to showcase the country’s rich culture and tourism endorsements.

And speaking earlier, Zambia Diaspora Organisation (ZDO) President, Ferdinand Simaanya, thanked government for creating an enabling environment that is conducive to the growth of sports in the country.

Mr Simaanya pledged that the organising committee will popularise the Sports Expo and forum.

He expressed happiness with the level of participation from all participants in various sporting disciplines.

Mr Simaanya said the event demonstrated and showed the power of sports as it brought together people of different cultures.

He described the 2023 Sports Expo and Forum as a huge success.


  1. I was in zambia on holiday last month to see for myself the fruits of my vote. I was impressed by what I saw. The cbd is very clean.

    • The minister needs to encourage Zambian middle class, which is swelling, to spend holidays in Zambia, to educate their kids in Zambia, etc. Also, roads in rural areas (outside the line of rail) are deplorable. But, for us in North America is do I drive down to Yellowstone or should I spend 10,000$ on a trip to Lake Bangweulu?

    • He is Dull and Lacks Tourism Strategy. The guy thinks clubbing is Tourism. Zambians in the Diaspora are committed and invest back home. They are failed by the same institutions. Zambia can do far better in Tourism with a right Minister in place.

    • Spaka

      Just a piece of wisdom to you! If something is expensive in life, you find ways to earn more money so that you can afford it. If I live in a 2 bed flat, and I need a bigger house for my growing family, then I have to find ideas of earning more money, re-train to get a better paying job, find a a second pasive or investment income, so that I can afford either to rent or buy a bigger house. In life, nothing really goes down in price. Everything goes up. People do not buy bread at the price it was 50yrs ago whether in western countries or developing nations. The good thing is that the world has much money doing nothing, just waiting for someone with an idea.

    • #Spaka

      It is now verified that you are stuck in UK with your so called Engineering Degree>>>>>>>>>

      I like the way #INDEPENDENT OBSERVER has schooled you. >>>>>>>>

    • …….

      Independent observer

      I can go on a better holiday else where for less money…..Brazil , Spain, Ghana , Greece

      And still get change on what I would have spent for comming to zambia for a holiday


      You are coward using multiple aliases.
      I know you.

      As I said above , I travel extensively to better and cheaper destinations

  2. This a good preposition Minister, however it would be even better if there were incentives to come home for tourism. Most times we come home after much saving and planning but we cannot afford to be tourists. Yes we have invested back home, yes we visit, but our ‘holidays’ end up being working holidays as most of our investments get our attention due to poor workmanship when we are away etc. ofcourse it also gives us time to see our loved ones who to need our financial support…but a good idea now package it

  3. He could take a leaf from the Zimbabwe Tourism Agency. Their site just incites you to visit Zimbabwe. There is no marketing by the Zambian Tourism industry to entice tourists to visit such a beautiful country. Sad, really….and as someone has said, it really is costly.

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