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President Hichilema urges UPND members to explain party achievements


President Hakainde Hichilema has called on members of the United Party for National Development (UPND) to go out in various communities of Western Province to explain what the party in government has done in its first two years of being in power.

 And Mr Hichilema has advised all the UPND members to visit every home in various communities of the province to ensure that even old people are registered and be put on the social cash transfer.

President Hichilema said this during the national launch of celebrations of the UPND’s 24 months in power held at Mongu stadium today.

 “We are in a hurry to bring meaningful development to Western Province and the entire country,” Mr Hichilema said.

 The President has meanwhile thanked the people of Western Province for massively voting the party two years ago. 

“We struggled for a long time to form a government but you the people of this region, you have made us win and we are your servants,” he said.

 The President also instructed all retirees who have not yet been paid their terminal benefits should be identified.

 “I request every member in the ten days of the UPND activism to ensure that those retirees who have not yet received their benefits write their names and submit the names to the Permanent Secretary so that we pay them. We are here to better the lives of our people, ensure that you move with pieces of papers to write the names of everyone so that they receive help from this government,” he said.

 Mr Hichilema said party members should show compassion to the underprivileged people in the province.

He said children who are not going to school should return to class because there is now free education.

 “My colleagues, let us take note of every school, clinics among other projects that do not have water so that we drill boreholes. We have enough money through the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF). We are on the rightful trajectory of reconstructing this country,” he said.

 Mr Hichilema further said in the ten days of UPND activism, all party structures should start checking on all the CDF projects in order to ensure that there is progress. 

“Don’t allow people to misuse CDF monies because this is your money meant to enhance infrastructure development in your areas,” he said.

 He disclosed that the focus of the government is to ensure that the Lukulu-Katunda- Mumbeji, Sesheke-Livingstone, Kaoma-Kasempa and Mongu-Lusaka roads are worked on in order to ease the movement of people and goods in the province.

 “As we commemorate our two years of being in power, we should have a focus on improving the living standards of our people in the country,” Mr Hichilema said.

 The President said his government attaches great concerns to many challenges that are affecting the people in the province.

 He said these challenges will soon be brought to order so that the people in the region appreciate their efforts of voting for the UPND into office.

 “You have given us a five-year mandate of ruling this country and in the five years, we have already done two years and everyone is a witness to what we are doing,” he said. 

“We have increased the CDF from K1.6 million to K28.3 million. We want to ensure that in the next budget, we increase the CDF so that we improve the living standards of our people in this country,” Mr Hichilema said.

 The Head of State has meanwhile implored youths and women to form cooperatives in order for them to have access to the CDF in the province.  

 And Western Province Minister, Kapelwa Mbangweta said the region has witnessed a lot of development such as the construction of Luanginga bridge that is connecting Kalabo town to Liuwa constituency to the south-west tourism corridor.

 “As I am speaking now, the Kafue hook bridge that connects Western province from Central province is completed, government has opened a renal unit at Lewanika General hospital that is serving many lives of people in the province. Mongu-Limulunga road is also completed,” Mr Mbangweta said.

 He said the province has recorded massive development in the last 24 months, adding that more major infrastructure development projects are under way.

 And UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda has called on the UPND leadership to embark on strategies of growing the party in the province. 

“We need more members to join our party, that way, we will increase the party membership,” Mr Imenda said.

 President Hichilema was accompanied by UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Charles Milupi, Water Development and Sanitation Minister, Mike Mposha and Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Doreen Mwamba among other notable dignitaries.


    • If you have done something outstanding you don’t have to explain to anyone , people will know on their own , when you start explaining just know that you haven’t done anything.

  1. If it’s real people will not need explanations. Imagine explaining how tasty the food is when the food is not even available.

  2. That is a difficult task Mr President. The achievements are not even few and far between, they are non existent. You know the Zambian afimwena pa bunga That should explain it.
    Then there’s the Kwacha yapena syndrome which is difficult to blame on the late PF

  3. Mr President it’s difficult to explain the number of foreign trips you have made and to explain the cost of those trips when the common Zambian cannot put food on the table.

  4. Excellence needs no introduction. It’s the people that notice your performance that’ll argue your case and not those that are or want to eat with you. They’ll just aggravate the situation trying to convince others what they themselves aren’t convinced about. They’ll just be a nuisance to the people they’ll approach. Some are here and they sound like they’re lost or can’t think properly

  5. They do not need to explain anything, Zambians can see by themselves because they are the ones who go to shops to buy mealie meal, fertilizer etc. They buy fuel and use the roads and they also, though not as frequent as you do, use the sausage Airport.

  6. kkkk we need no one to explain.Why? things will tell. what you have done will tell a story so no need to explain.Explain the price of fuel,mealie meal and the Gold scandle and shad has gone missing kkkkkk yaba kani yayopa.

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