Centre for Policy Dialogue Stresses Police Mandate in Regulating Political Rallies Amid Security Concerns


The Centre for Policy Dialogue has highlighted that the police have a clear mandate to exercise caution in permitting political rallies, especially when security concerns arise. The organization’s Executive Director, Caroline Katotobwe, has called for a harmonious relationship between political players and law enforcement agencies to determine suitable times and locations for rallies, ensuring they unfold peacefully.

Speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Ms. Katotobwe emphasized that political rallies are an essential component of democratic practices and the exercise of freedom of assembly and association. While recognizing the significance of political gatherings, she underscored the importance of respecting security considerations in the interest of public safety.

Over the past week, tensions have escalated between the Zambia Police and the opposition Patriotic Front party concerning the party’s intention to hold a political rally in the Zingalume area of Lusaka. This standoff has drawn attention to the delicate balance between political expression and maintaining law and order.

Ms. Katotobwe also called for peaceful coexistence among political parties in the country as a vital means of reducing political violence. She stressed that political violence is fundamentally incompatible with the principles of democracy and urged all stakeholders to prioritize peaceful engagement in the political arena.

Furthermore, Ms. Katotobwe highlighted the necessity of intensifying civic education as a crucial measure to combat political violence. By enhancing civic awareness and understanding, citizens can make informed decisions, contribute to peaceful dialogue, and minimize the risk of violence in the political landscape.


    • She should also comment on why “respecting security considerations in the interest of public safety” only applies to opposition parties. The ruling parties; MMD, PF, UPND have all been exempt from such security considerations

  1. NO NO The police have gone to the ….. for sure
    They have the manpower to monitor all rallies with a large presence so there is no excuse
    trouble makers are on both sides of the party devide
    Their actions so far backward and can only lead to more issues

  2. Mr Hakainde is worried with the poverty facing the country…if the rally attracts hundreds of thousands of people it would only confirm that he has failed. But an honest man would be ready to face the reality anywhere and any time.

    • #tikki Bull to you but a truth to others. Only a coward can stop people from holding public meetings. We are not at war and everything is normal.
      Let me enjoy my Bull…

    • You see when someone loses power they even become erectile dysfunctional. It’s the worst realization… to realize that you are a god after all.

  3. PF should forget being granted permit to hold the rally next month. Bally and his cohorts are damn scared to be told the truth during the rally. How do you deny the party the democratic right to hold the rally due to security concern and yet send hundreds of police officers to disperse people from the supposedly rally venue?
    Ifintu tafiweme.

  4. Sad that confused Nevas Mumba can talk about Zimbabwe when in his country:
    Opposition cannot hold public meetings
    The president has filled the Electoral Commission of Zambia with relatives
    We expected decent change but instead we in more excreta than before.

  5. ……….

    Is it not ironic that the people who caused widespread poverty in zambia by unsustainable borrowing to the tune of more then $17 billion ,

    A debt zambia now finds itself,………

    want to antagonise and instigate the suffering masses by holding rallies to highlight the suffering caused the them , the PF ??

    • ………

      The looting , damage and stealing by your people was on an industrial scale never envisaged………..

      By 2026, HH and UPND will be voted in again……….

      Forward 2031……….

  6. It’s a shame that opposition political parties are always denied a permit for holding rallies irrespective of who is in power. It’s very undemocratic.

    • You are so right !! since KK days this has been going on with every GRZ
      now suddenly the losers are crying foul
      In a way they are RIGHT, however passing the blame to HH directly and assuming he is instructing the Police to stop these rallies is WRONG ‘
      We all stand together when it comes to condeming the police 100%
      Who knows what lies they are relaying to the top much like the MP’S
      Lets concentrate on the useless corrupt Police force that is around us
      and talk with one voice

    • @Nakulu it shows you that Power corrupts. When you are in power you see wrong things as being right because they defend your power. Powerless HH could cry in Chimbokaila and we would sympathise with him. However with power HH has been busy locking up opposition leaders and he cant see anything wrong with this

    • Before the one party state opposition regularly held rallies. After the one party state “the hour has come” held many rallies. So KK should be removed from this list

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