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The Gold Scandal:Is State House the Command Centre?


Yesterday, Mr Francis Mateyo, a State House security officer, appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court alongside other accused persons in the gold gate scandal.

Mr Mateyo is part of the UPND cadres, who were encrypted into the State House security after Mr Hakainde Hichilema took over office as Head of State. Mr Mateyo is believed to be a loyalist and a very close, very trusted and strong ally of the Mr Hichilema, right from his days as an opposition leader.

When we first picked up intelligence about the gold gate scandal at KKIA and the alleged involvement of Mr Mateyo, one of Mr Hichilema’s trusted security officers at State House, we immediately raised alarm and advised that it was vital for Mr Hichilema to control the evil, disgraceful and morally objectionable activities being peddled by certain identifiable individuals within State House.

Regrettably, our well- intentioned counsel was met with the habitual vicious and malicious attack against us. Even the government officially rubbished the alarm we had raised and called a bluff against us. We were denounced, insulted and slandered by Mr Hichilema’s State House controlled rogue or guerrilla media channels – Koswe and Zambia Watchdog.

Our offence was simple: we exposed what had become a very serious and real crime involving one of their own. It’s clear they never wanted the truth about what happened at KKIA to be known. They were determined to put a lid on it and pretend like nothing happened! This explains why even Mr Mateyo’s capture was hidden from the public until yesterday when he was aligned before the courts. The DEC and other law enforcement agencies went to town posturing and parading all other suspects with an exception of Mr Mateyo, why?

The question is: why have things been handled this way? Did they think the gold gate scandal was going to remain hidden from the public? What was the purpose of that arrogance, insults and hostility towards us? With all that has been offloaded so far and many questions still hovering around Mr Hichilema over this scandal: how will the Zambian people believe that justice will be served in this matter and the real culprits brought to book?

And now that it’s obvious that they’re trapped and embarrassed about the way things have turned out; the only word left for Mr Hichilema and his praise singers at this moment is: “You’re on your own”.
But hang on! Not so fast. What has changed? It’s people like Mr Mateyo we cautioned Mr Hichilema about. It’s these same people they sat, drunk and ate with, not so long ago. No wonder, they were so relentless in trying to defend, insult and threaten those who dared to speak the truth about the gold gate scandal. But now that things have gone sour and getting worse rapidly, they shamelessly want to wash their hands off their man.

Clearly, those linked or are close to Mr Hichilema can only be “on their own” once caught, if not caught, they remain trusted and loyal companions of Mr Hichilema and his league. What a mistake? What hypocrisy? What kind of corrupt leadership is this?

Now they are ashamed because one of them has been mentioned in this mess. They are ashamed and speechless because they too have been caught in their own lies, denials, deception and manipulation.
We have not forgotten how haphazard press briefings were called and all manner of lies and theories were made to defend and justify the gold gate scandal, and distance State House from it. Within hours of the scandal blowing up, we saw how the Minister of Mines, Mr Paul Kabuswe became a mineral expert and talked down on all critical voices, including myself with grandiosity and contempt. Similarly, we saw how the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Mr Jack Mwiimbu warned politicians against scandalizing the Presidency and State House over the gold gate scandal.

So, now that the dirty is out, what has Mr Hichilema, Mr Mwiimbu and Mr Kabuswe got to say about the gold gate scandal? Mr Kabuswe called us foolish. But we ask the same question he asked us during his press briefing at that time: who is looking foolish now?

Well, we have been vindicated. We said it that there was way too much filth and scum in State House. We warned Mr Hichilema but they responded with the usual malice and insults. As the Tongas say: “Yabeja makani baasa”, and the Bembas also say: “Ifyakulya ubushiku fitulila ku malushi”.

But where does this end? Who else is involved? How many “Mateyos” is Mr Hichilema still working with State House today? How deeply involved is State house in this scandal?

That said, we hope Mr Hichilema is treating the Anti-corruption Commission’s US $500,000 bribe investigation against his Solicitor General, and trusted lieutenant and ally, Mr Marshal Muchende, who stands accused of running a bribery scheme, with objectivity and urgency, or else, a similar outcome awaits him.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Fred Mmembe is a man with out single MP in Parliament and he expects to be a President. This is a man who did not pay his taxed and did not submit NAPSA remitances

    • That time his The Post was closed you accused Lungu of perseciting Mmembe. Today you agree he wasn’t paying taxes. Let your Yes be Yes no matter the situation.

    • Whether he has no single MP or didnt pay his taxes just answer the issues of corruption in State House that he has raised.

    • I was just thinking loudly to myself about a Tumbuka man who rode a biycle all the way from Lundazi to come to Lusaka to come and congratulate HH when he over through a fellow Tumbuka man from state house, now my reasoning was is it possible that when HH will be un seated from state house by a Tumbuka man . will a Tonga man do a similar trip to come to Lusaka from Dundumwezi take a similar trip to Lusaka to congratulate a Ngulube from Lundazi in a similar fashon.
      I don’t know there are some more Zambians who have similar thoughts like me .

  2. Some politicians are just a let down. Even if we had no choice of a leader, we would find it extremly difficult to choose some of these so called opposition leaders.

    • Mmmembe is a more civilised politician un like the current president who lack reasoning everything this guy in state house does is always a failure as such he has become so un popular to the citizens , but popular with foreigners .
      My worry for him is will these imperialists come and cast a vote for. him in Zambia in 2026

  3. Praise singers be warned Dr Mmembe is not someone to underestimate your Messiah has touched a wrong button.All his deals will be exposed,this is when you will realise who is smarter HH or ECL.

    • Please never overate this tribal hypocrite. He was relevant during MMD times. Right now he is just a bitter empty-headed gong pushing a dead ideology. He is the most irrelevant politician in the country.

  4. We need people who are patriotic, not hungry for material wealth, void of pomp and hypocrisy, proven integrity record, highly educated, experienced at the highest level with national economic vision and not puffed up with seniority hunting and with broader view of the world and internal zambian issues. We need unsung and subtle heroes to redeem Zambias image and dignity through characters such as Malimba Masheke, Edify Hamukale, Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, Kingsley Chinkuli and Ngandu Magande .

  5. When the master unleashes dobermans they bark and sometimes even bite without reasoning as long as you’re within the vicinity. That’s exactly the behavior of praise singers. They’ll howl at you until there’s another master, then they’ll shameless turn against the old master. They aren’t human. Some of those insulting ECL had once eaten with him. There’s no guarantee that they won’t turn against HH when he leaves office. They defend this same Mmembe that they’re insulting today even if he doesn’t allow them to. They’ll try to force it. Savaivo no nkondo

    • Dude Love. The majority of Zambians? Like I say this country is already lost not be rescued again. Mmembe was everything to those opposed to PF and Edgar Lungu. Now that he has kept his stance on abuse of office, which the Archaic Dawn is doing, he becomes everything bad.
      What happened could cause a sincere person ashamed.

  6. ………..

    Membe is an illusionist who sees sensational conspiracy plans everywhere…………

    Why would a whole president , a very rich man at that………

    be involved in a fake gold deal , when……….

    Zambia has gold everywhere ?????

    Pleas cde membe…………

    Give the president and his administration some respect.

    This was a pure criminal deal, with maybe some corrupt GRZ officials to facilitate entry to KK international airport……..

  7. If state house was the command centre of this gold scandal then DEC would not even have been allowed to search the plane and detain its occupants neither would they have been allowed to make their findings public.

    • Have you followed the story or just jump to posting without reading. Someone blew the whole thing after being betrayed. That’s how the DEC had no choice but to jump on the case.

  8. It is clear that a press outburst by Mine Minister served to ignite speculations that the Minister was posturing to protect his President from the Gold-saga. When the Home Affairs Minister stepped in to stop reckless talk by UPND cadres on the issue, this further raised more speculations that the Gold saga originated from State House. It is SHAMEFUL

  9. Suposidly one person implicated at state house
    now the whole of state house is involved you lot are just a shoal of Pirahnas in a small pool

  10. @ Mwansa Kabinga
    Mines Minister is working with the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema…..and you can imagine they’re saying its Espionage….a charge which is impossible to prosecut…..and with the way our Politicians behave in office we will never develop as a country…HH IS A BIG LET DOWN

  11. @TIKKI
    Double standards…when Lungu was President it was Lungu stealing even it was his Ministers….so what has changed now….Mugabe was kicked out of office because he surrounded himself with theives…the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is surrounded by theives….we all know Anthony Bwalya was shown the door from State House…apparently both Jito Kayumba and Anthony Bwalya were involved in the same deal but only Anthony Bwalya was removed from State House…some criminals are untouchable

  12. Told you before 90% of Zambia is corrupt
    So what’s new
    everyone from ground level to the top level wants to get in on the action
    Everyone HH appoints their first thought is how much can they make so this will continue
    and when eventually the next Gov takes over the same workers will be there and so it will continue further

    • What are you trying to tell us? HH took longer than any president in our national history to assemble his cabinet….so what can you say?

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