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Eleven Gold Scam Espionage Suspects Remain in Custody Following Court’s Decision


The eleven suspects implicated in both the Gold Scam and espionage case will continue to be held in custody until further notice, following a ruling by Chief Resident Magistrate Davies Chibwili at the Lusaka Magistrate Court. The court admitted the Certificate of Denial of bail issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Gilbert Phiri, thereby affirming the DPP’s authority to issue such a certificate in cases deemed prejudicial to the nation’s interests.

Magistrate Chibwili upheld the arguments presented by the DPP, asserting that granting bail to the suspects would be detrimental to Zambia’s interests. This decision follows objections by the defense lawyers, who questioned the validity of the Certificate of Denial of Bail, citing the Magistrate Court’s lack of jurisdiction to handle espionage cases.

However, Magistrate Chibwili clarified that the certificate was properly before the Lusaka Magistrate Court because the case record had been filed with it.

Furthermore, the Magistrate reserved a ruling for the following day regarding fresh arguments presented by defense lawyer Martha Mushipe. She argued that the DPP should provide reasons for issuing the Certificate of Denial of Bail, contending that the denial of bail for the suspects was unconstitutional since the espionage charge is bailable.

In response, the Magistrate directed the defense lawyers to file a summons for the Gold Scam suspects’ bail application, acknowledging the argument that their espionage case is bailable. The plea for the bail application had been submitted by defense lawyer Makebi Zulu.

This legal development stems from a case involving eleven suspects, including six Zambians and five Egyptians, charged with espionage due to their alleged connection to the Gold Scam that was uncovered at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) on August 13. Among the Zambian suspects are Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Police Commanding Officer Robson Moonga, State Security Officer Francis Mateyo, Commercial Pilot Patrick Kawanu, Accountant Oswald Diangamo, and businessmen Shadrick Kasanda and Dr. Jim Belemu. The five Egyptian suspects include Walid Botros, Mounir Awad, Mohamed Gooda, Yasser Abdelghafor, and Michael Botros.

The court’s rulings on bail and the overall progress of the case will be closely monitored by the public and legal experts.


  1. Its all scripted….the DPP ..Judges…defense lawyers know what games are playing….Jail is for poor people…State House is calling all the shots….and gullible Zambians have been dribbled by the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema

  2. When Mmembe trails the scam to some residence on Independence Avenue Lusaka they call him names. But you can see some of the names…. when Mmembe reported that someone from the independence avenue residence was involved, people said he was hallucinating.
    I feel very unsafe more than in Lungu’s reign because where as Lungu was in a drunken state, the new tenant is callously methodical.

    • Rule of law with scandals sugilite and luthium hidden from the general public yet being mined in southern province no one says a word , gold all the way , tribalism and regionalism at it’s pick arrests the order of the day suppression of the opposing views .
      Rule of law when people can’t fill their bellies with food food a distant away from citizens nothing seems to be working despite the popular debt restructuring not seeing anything positive in view , Zambians can’t see hope the future is scaring.

  3. I knew State House was involved the moment they announced “Espionage” …..given them a non bailable offense which is impossible to prosecut… some point when HH was in opposition i thought he was a genuine businessman …it turns out he a just a a non Partisan Patriotic Zambian investing my hard earned US$ back home…am very disappointed with the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema….i know Gold and other minerals are being smuggled out of Zambia every single day…..illegal mining is on the rise…and am told HH is demanding a “lion’s” share in Mopani mines and KCM for lining up his pockets

  4. Reminds me of a story about a young boy who was caught stealing mangoes at the neighbor’s house….the owner of the house told the little boy that he will report him to his father and the little boy said “YES YOU CAN REPORT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE MY FATHER IS UP THE TREE THROWING MANGOES DOWN FOR ME”…..

  5. When a person gets something through lies & cheating , the only way they can continue keeping the engine & discourse running is to keep creating more lies.

    These culprits through their lawyers, want to strike a deal, at some point. In other words, ” if we get sent to jail, we will reveal a lot of corruption stuff that happened when UPND just got ushered to power.” This is an insurance they are counting on. Whether it works or fails – is another matter and remains to be seen as this case moves forward.


      Dude are you always paying your $$$ to get the facts and intelligence? You used to do the same during MMD & PF days. You would post something and it came true and factual.. You cannot be a mystic person


  7. @New Media
    You only get such charges when the Judiciary and legal system is corrupt and controlled by Politicians….just like in the USA….the Judiciary and Justice Department is controlled Politicians

  8. Am a little bit relieved now that Mining in the Lower Zambezi has been canceled…i hope its indefinitely and this topic should come to an end….We need to preserve our nature and guard our natural resources…i love my country Zambia and am only here in the west to get back what was stolen from Africa…chapwa…kwamana

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