Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kaizer Zulu still at large


Lusaka Resident Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya has granted more time for the sureties of former Presidential Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu to locate him, as he remains at large. The development comes in the midst of a legal matter in which Mr. Zulu faces two charges, one for failing to surrender his Diplomatic Passport when he was no longer entitled to it, and another for failing to appear before the nearest Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

During the recent court hearing, Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube revealed to the court that he had received four phone calls from Mr. Zulu since the previous court session, with the most recent call having taken place the evening before the hearing.

Mr. Fube promptly informed the arresting officer of these developments, shedding some light on the search for Mr. Zulu’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu informed the court that progress had been made in the ongoing efforts to determine Mr. Kaizer Zulu’s location.

In light of these updates, Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya granted an extension to the search period for Mr. Zulu, acknowledging the ongoing efforts to locate him. The case has now been adjourned to September 22nd, when a return of bench warrant will be considered.


  1. Don’t you people have better things to do? Is Kaizer Zulu using the said passport when it is not even valid. He is hiding because he knows that you are looking for him for other reasons and not just the passport.

    • Tell them comrade. As I said below, this government is trying to eliminate me and my family. They at state house are implicated in gold deals and i have evidence to that effect. They want me out

  2. Alot of lies are flying around about my alleged disappearance. I want to set the record straight. I am not in Mozambique or Malawi. The reason I have not availed myself will come out one day. You too would do the same if the government was plotting to eliminate you.

    The police know my location but cannot morally arrest me because they know of an order to eliminate me by a sinister special military unit being controlled from state House. I will do whatever it takes to protect my family.

    Kaizar Z

    • @Kaizar Zulu, you talked sh*t to me online and I only promised that you will be looking over your shoulders for the rest of your life. This is just the beginning. You don’t crap, I am self-made, you milked the GRZ to feed your belly.

  3. Why do we even waste time and tax payers funds on this roach above kaizer. Let it rot wherever it is. It is better dead.

    • Go and fark yourself you mother farker. Say those words to my face or my family, if you want to hold your heart in your hands.

    • I am not hiding. The police know my whereabouts but cannot arrest me because state house military unit are on a mission to kill me. The police would become an accessory to a murder. I have close friends in police force I see my family everyday. Those saying I am on run have no clue

  4. The raise and fall of Kz
    The man was untouchable during Lungu’s tenure.
    Like Sakala during Chiluba’s tenure
    No one can see good days for ever.

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