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1,000 youths armed with entrepreneurship skills


The Possibility practitioners, an entrepreneurship and mentorship organisation, says the growth of the Zambian economy depends entirely on youths that have entrepreneur skills to create jobs for themselves.

Possibility practitioners’ Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Mwiinga, said the future of the Zambian economy can only be transformed through youths that have been empowered with knowledge in entrepreneurship.

He was speaking at the possibility practitioners’ symposium at Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka today, where youths mostly students from different universities gathered to learn skills in entrepreneurship.

Mr Mwiinga said the objective of the possibility symposium is to impart business skills in upcoming entrepreneurs for them to be able to run their own enterprise.

He said youths can only contribute significantly to the country’s gross domestic product through setting up small scale businesses.

“The key objective of the possibility practitioners is to bring on board youths from across the country to listen to captains of industries and business executives about entrepreneurship and mentorship,” he said.

He explained that over 1,000 youths have attended the symposium, where some underwent training in entrepreneurship and mentorship and will graduate with certificates.

And K- Solutions engineering and financial solutions mentor, Kawanga Kalumbi, said entrepreneurship is the engine of the Zambian economy and that there is a need to empower youths with entrepreneurship skills.

Dr Kalumbi observed that there is a need to upscale mentorship training to upcoming entrepreneurs because the future of the Zambian economy is anchored on small and medium enterprises.

She said the government alone cannot manage to create jobs for all citizens, and that small enterprise development must be promoted to fill the gaps.

The possibility practitioners was formed in 2017 with the core objective of empowering youths with entrepreneurship and mentorship skills in order for them to set up small enterprises.


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