Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security appeals for calm in Mumbwa amidst unrest


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwimbu, announced the arrest of two suspects in connection with the alleged ritual killings that have plagued the district. Speaking during his visit to Mumbwa, Mr. Mwimbu urged residents not to take the law into their own hands and emphasized the importance of allowing the police to carry out their investigations.

Expressing his sadness over the recent burning of a government building belonging to the Veterinary Department, Minister Mwimbu underscored the detrimental impact of destroying government property, as it hampers the delivery of essential public services. He urged the community to consider the broader consequences of such actions on the well-being of all citizens.

Minister Mwimbu’s visit to Mumbwa aimed to reassure the residents and address their concerns directly. He appealed to the people of Mumbwa to remain calm and patient, allowing the police to conduct thorough investigations into the alleged ritual killings. He assured them that the authorities were doing everything in their power to bring those responsible for the killings to justice.

The recent events in Mumbwa had taken a grim turn, with reports of irate residents taking matters into their own hands. Tragically, two local businessmen lost their lives, and public and private property was destroyed. These actions were a direct response to the deeply troubling reports of alleged ritual killings that have shaken the community to its core.


  1. if it was in another province one would hear it is PF, and no mention of bringing to book the culprits who took the law in their own hands and destroyed private property.

    • His statement is very shallow with no substance. He did not condemn the youth for being lazy and acting with emotions. They just killed those 2 men out of jealousy with no facts. A bed foot rest they call it a Coffin? what dull people, it’s a shame. Also, he could not address the issue of social media. We need to regulate such to avoid wrong influence on other Youth Groups. UPND Ministers are really a disappointment. So dull with their actions.

    • Looking at those pictures, it seems Mumbwa doesnt have a riot Police wing. All the Police are stationed here in Lusaka next to Lungu’s house for catching Esther and for waylaying motorists for bribes. What a country!

  2. People become rich by working hard…there’s no such a thing as rituals…anyway thats what poor black people think….thats just a myth…why don’t poor black people accuse bazungu of using rituals even when they’re caught red handed stealing our minerals….Trump once said his white friends go to Africa to become rich…yes because poor black people will welcome the Muzungu and give him all the minerals for free and dance for him

  3. Such wanton destruction actually explains why we are still poor. Those things cost a lot of money. Go for the person, arrest him and hand over to the relevant government wings.

  4. That looks like a private citizen’s home they burnt but the minister is only crying about the burning of a government building belonging to the Veterinary Department,

  5. Get a copy of a newspaper such as The Mast. Look at the advertising in what is known as classified smalls. What do you see there complete with contact phone numbers? Do our state security organs bother to take a random sample and try to follow up such advertising? Protecting the peace and security of Zambia requires constant vigilance and imagination in the way those who have taken oath to protect the public go about their work. With mobile phones and so many people doing nothing and just walking the streets aimlessly, it’s easy to organise a mob and cause trouble.

  6. @ Gunner In Zambia
    I agree with you 100%…so many people doing nothing and just walking around with mobile phones and creating nonsensical whatsapp groups peddling lies and making accusation. With social media is very easy create fake stories and mobilize…destroying peoples property shouldn’t be allowed… PEOPLE SHOULD GO AFTER STOLEN AND ILLGOTTEN POLITIACIANS PROPERTIES AND HAND THEM BACK TO THE GOVERNMENT

  7. Kaiza Zulu. Please remain hiding yourself in exile in Zimbabwe where you originally cam from or come back and face crime charges


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