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Landmark Infrastructure Project Strengthens Zambia-DRC Relations


President Hakainde Hichilema joined President Antoine Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to inaugurate the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road. This monumental project, part of the One Stop Border Post initiative, also includes the construction of the Luapula River Bridge, cementing the strong bilateral relations between Zambia and the DRC.

The Kasomeno-Mwenda Road Project signifies Zambia’s dedication to enhancing connectivity and economic integration in the region, while fostering economic growth through innovative Public Private Partnerships (PPP). President Hichilema stressed that this approach not only alleviates fiscal pressure but also encourages private sector involvement in Zambia’s economic development.

President Hichilema and President Antoine Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) inaugurating the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road.

This project, which links the DRC to Africa’s east coast through Zambia’s Nakonde border and Tanzania, is poised to become the shortest route connecting the DRC to the Indian Ocean, opening up vast trade opportunities. It is expected that more than 400 trucks will utilize the Luapula River Bridge, providing a crucial trade link between Luapula province in Zambia and Lubumbashi in the DRC.

In addition to facilitating trade and economic growth, the Kasomeno-Mwenda Road and Bridge Project holds the promise of job creation and infrastructure development. The local communities, particularly in Mwense, are set to benefit from increased economic activity in the region, as well as job opportunities during the construction phase.

President Hichilema and President Antoine Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the inauguration of the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road.

The collaborative effort behind this project involves Zambia, the DRC, and Hungary’s GED Africa,
President Hichilema also called upon GED Africa to prioritize the use of local materials and the employment of local people, particularly youth and women, further emphasizing the project’s commitment to community involvement and empowerment.

The inauguration of the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road and Luapula River Bridge marks a significant milestone in enhancing regional integration, connectivity, and economic development. It is anticipated that this infrastructure project will bring about lasting positive changes in the lives of the people in Zambia and the DRC, fostering wealth creation, reducing transport costs, and contributing to poverty alleviation.

Site of Luapula River Bridge


    • Let me be the first…. the project is for the benefit of the Zambian citizens. It was started by PF ( actually it passes through my home) but it’s not for PF it’s for the Zambian citizens… HH should not boast about it because it’s not his project it is for the Zambian citizens.

    • Dejavu

      Good thing it is HH taking over this project , otherwise………..

      Zambia would have paid 10 times the actual cost if it was the PF theives…..

  1. It is so funny in Zambia that a project belongs to a president. The UK is building high speed rail link to the north, does the project belong to the prime minister who planned it years ago?
    Ubututu mu Zambia ati it’s a PF project

    • Let’s just say………..

      Zambia is indeed lucky it is UPND taking over , otherwise we could have got a massively over priced project with PF…..

      It could have cost zambia some wild crazy amount by the time the theives take their kickbacks……….

  2. @The Engineer
    And HH knows that his followers are gullible so he physically went there for a chance to take pictures and fool his gullible praise singers Spaka and TIKKI…..they don’t know that these projects are for the country it has nothing to do with the President…or any Political party but you can’t say that to Spaka and TIKKI they will insult you

    • No badala……..

      It’s president to president signing it off……….

      Also , take note , it is your kasai comrade Dejavu who is yapping………

      Claiming it is a PF project……..

      We don’t care less who started what project , as long as it benifits zambia at the right costs……..

      And I only retaliate to insults thrown my way……….

  3. @Spaka
    You’re indeed a praise singer Lumbani Madoda in chief….you dream about HH and UPND 24/7….hasn’t he appointed you yet???

  4. @Spaka
    You’re indeed a praise singer Lumbani Madoda in chief….you dream about HH and UPND 24/7….hasn’t he appointed you yet???

  5. The reporting of today! Give us a map of the road. It doesn’t require rocket science to do so.
    And how can a road be called by such a conglomeration of names?
    Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road?
    We don’t say the Lusaka Kabwe Kapiri Mposhi Ndola Kitwe road

    • You know what, I’m actually trying to visualise the map of Zambia, Congo and Tanzania connecting to the Indian Ocean.
      I just can’t see it. Where is this Kasomeno? Is it bordering Tanzania?

    • The road: Check road that leads to Kasomeno from Lubumbashi, a Short distance it will cross the Luapula river a few kilometers north of Musonda falls ( my village and unfortunately our section will have to go to give way). From there I’m not sure which it will take.

  6. Under UPND everything it’s either its HISTORICAL….LANDMARK…any little thing is blown out of proportion….over rating themselves way too much….let people see progress and i bet you 10 years from today you’ll just be hearing stories about this same Project…..Just like the Lobito pipeline…HH went to Angola with a huge entourage to commission something that doesn’t exist and it will never exist

  7. History will question these two characters as to why they gave away our cobalt at lowest price to the west. Instead of using our minerals to manufacture batteries to sell to the west in this era of energy transition.

  8. He is wearing white cloves to make sure his finger prints are not present manje he forgets that the photo can be used as evidence. Those advising this president are equally to blame.

  9. Vote us in ! As soon as we are sworn in the dollar will descend from 21 to 1 to 4/3 to one…Forest 27 we shall bulldoze the afternoon after swearing in…fuel will be the cheapest in the region we have done our maths..mealmeal will be 25k once we remove the middlemen..every farmer will get fertilizer…Ratsa will be one will be removed from trading in the streets until we build enough market spaces…Trust us!

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