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September Highlights: Government Initiatives Creating Opportunities for Zambian Citizens


President Hakainde Hichilema has stated that as the new month of October is being ushered in, it presented an opportune moment to reflect on the significant developments and initiatives that the UPND government had undertaken in September to create opportunities and enhance the well-being of Zambian citizens. Here’s a recap of some noteworthy achievements and projects:

1. Lumwana-Kambimba Road Concession (US$119 Million): The government signed a pivotal agreement for the construction and development of the Lumwana-Kambimba road through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. This infrastructure project is set to enhance transportation networks and stimulate economic growth in the region.

2. Teacher Recruitment Drive (4,500 Teachers): In a commitment to improving education, the government plans to recruit 4,500 new teachers by the end of 2023. This move aims to reduce teacher-student ratios, improve educational quality, and ensure access to quality education for all Zambian children.

3. China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Investment (US$1.3 Billion): China Nonferrous Mining Corporation (CNMC) has made a substantial investment of US$1.3 billion in Zambia. This substantial inflow of investment capital holds the potential to spur economic development and create employment opportunities.

4. Mini-Grids Expansion (1,500 Mini-Grids): The government is taking strides to address energy access challenges by planning the construction of 1,500 mini-grids across Zambia. This initiative will expand access to electricity in underserved areas, facilitating economic activities and improving the quality of life for communities.

5. Public Services Micro Finance Company (K300 Million Injection): To bolster economic activities and entrepreneurship, the government injected K300 million into the Public Services Micro Finance Company. This financial support will empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals to access funding for business development.

6. Zambia Correctional Services Graduates (1,017 Recruits): In a demonstration of commitment to security and rehabilitation, 1,017 Zambia Correctional Services recruits successfully completed their training. These recruits will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and rehabilitation of inmates.

7. EIB and First Capital Bank Deal (€20 Million): A significant €20 million deal was signed between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and First Capital Bank, Zambia Ltd, to support the agricultural sector. This partnership aims to provide financing and resources to local farmers, promoting agricultural productivity and food security.

These initiatives and investments underscore the government’s dedication to creating opportunities for its citizens and driving economic growth in Zambia.


    • It takes more than grade 7 to understand the impact of the above especially when the norm was dancing and giving out borrowed money

    • #Engineer… Yes I am a grade 7 but also a human being with six senses. Mind you I have jealously kept all six unlike you the Engineer who has sent four of those senses to sleep.
      My senses tell me that food is expensive
      My senses tell me that HH lied.

    • Dejavu

      You are the same ones who were praising lungu and PF for unprecedented development……….

      Komboni roads that are not sustainable and have no economic benefits………..

      Billions spent on over priced projects………kk International airport……built at a cost to cater for 55 planes per day even on Sundays !

      Ati unprecedented development

      Now this is the price zambia is paying for PF praise singers like you and other clique supporters

    • #Spaka… point out where and when I praised Edgar Lungu. Good thing Lt you can archive out history. For your information I don’t like ruling parties because they are the real devil not Satan.
      Besides why should you praise someone who owes you?

  1. Kaizar Zulu. You are just as corrupt as the President. We all know how you all became millionaires at the expense of poor Zambians. Zambians will continue to be fools. Being bribed with the same stollen money during elections. We shall only vote for people with clean hands.

  2. UPND behaves like Manchester United. Always bragging but nothing to write home about.Raising spirits of the gullible but everything is illusions. They behave like when walking on a tarred road. You are thirsty and you see water in front(mirage).When you reach near, there is no water. Promises based on disillusionment.

  3. I have lived long enough to see the most useless government ever. This Hichilema government is the most useless one. The stupid people that voted for them can not even afford to eat now.


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