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National Assembly holds Valedictory service for late speaker Mwanamwambwa


A valedictory ceremony was held in the chamber of the National Assembly in honour of the late former Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwanamwambwa.

The casket, draped in the Zambian flag, arrived at the National Assembly buildings and made its way into the chamber at about 10:08 hours.

The ceremony which was attended by Members of Parliament was also attended by dignitaries that included former Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

The sombre ceremony was characterized by tributes which were delivered by Vice President Mutale Nalumango, Government Whip, Stafford Mulusa and Leader of opposition Brian Mundubile , which was followed by a valedictory speech by Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti.

Thereafter, body viewing was then conducted.

And in an emotional speech, the Speaker, Ms Mutti disclosed that when she took up her position, she regularly consulted the late Amusaa Mwanamwambwa on Parliamentary matters.

“Immediately I was elected Speaker, I paid a courtesy call on him and continued to consult him from time to time on matters of the house,” she said.

Ms Mutti said even during her tenure as Speaker, she regularly reached out to the late former Speaker of the National Assembly.

She paid tribute to the late former Speaker on Parliamentary reforms instituted during his tenure.
Ms Mutti said even after retiring, the late Mwanamwambwa rendered guidance whenever called upon by the National Assembly.
She also revealed that she used her discretion to hold a valedictory service for the late former Speaker in honour of his distinguished service to the country.

“Although the National Assembly of Zambia Standing Orders 2021, do not expressly provide for the holding of a valedictory service for a former Speaker or indeed a former Member of Parliament , I invoked the provisions of Standing Order 239 of the National Assembly of Zambia, Standing Orders 2021 to enable the house conduct a valedictory service for the late Hon.Amusaa Mwanamwambwa, former Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia in recognition of his distinguished and patriotic service rendered to this August house and the nation at large,” said Ms Mutti.

And Vice President Mutale Nalumango said she learnt a lot when she served under the late former Speaker as Deputy Speaker.
Mrs Nalumango described the late former Speaker as a man of integrity who was a great professional.
“To me and probably many others, Hon. Mwanamwambwa was a gentleman with personal, professional and exceptional qualities which enabled him to execute his role as presiding officer exceptionally well,” she said.
And Government Whip, Stafford Mulusa said the UPND will never forget Mr Mwanamwambwa for dealing with the party, then in opposition, with fairness.

Meanwhile leader of the Opposition, Brian Mundubile paid tribute to the late former Speaker saying he made a positive impact both locally and at international level.


  1. Chilufya Tayali can you spearhead the campaign to bring sanity to UTH. It’s long overdue, most of the challenges there just need leadership. Let’s make sure we recover the money Lungu collected through his fraudulent retirement for cleaning… UTH.
    ; Watch “Edgar Lungu is still the president of PF.Miles Sampa is just playing around.–Chilufya Tayali.” on YouTube

  2. It’s an astounding revelation by Speaker Mutti that she consulted Late Speaker Amusa Mwanamwambwa for advice. If she did then that was good except that many will doubt if at all she took his advice. From her conduct so far no one would say she was a student of Hon. Mwanamwambwa. Today he’s being eulogized not because he’s late but that he served the nation with distinction. The same can’t be said about Speaker Mutti, she’s far from it. MHSRIEP

  3. “Honourable Sergeant at Arms, do your job!” shouted Nellie Kashumba Mutti as young turk Christopher Pikiti Kang’ombe refused to be intimidated. It’s not clear where we’re going with the UPND but we’ll somehow get there and it’s likely that there’ll be casualties along the way

  4. The only thing I remember about the late speaker is when we all united to impeach Fredrick Chiluba. He failed to convene parliament. He protected Chiluba to the end. I don’t know whether that was good or bad but it robbed us the opportunity to teach a Zambian president a lesson.

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