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FAZ Mourns the Passing of Tom Mtine


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is mourning following the sad news of the passing of its former president, Mr. Tom Mtine. Mr. Mtine, a prominent figure in Zambian football, held the role of FAZ president on three occasions and presided over the National Football League until its dissolution. He was also honored with membership on the CAF (Confederation of African Football) executive committee.

Mr. Mtine’s contributions to football, business, and politics left an indelible mark on Zambia, and his legacy is being celebrated by those who knew and worked alongside him.

FAZ’s current president, Andrew Kamanga, expressed his deep sadness at the loss, describing Mr. Mtine as a giant in various fields. “Football has lost a father figure in Mr. Mtine, who served in various capacities over the years. He inspired many football administrators with his knack for excellence,” said Kamanga. “We can only celebrate his life by carrying on his legacy of administrative excellence. He was not just a football colossus but exerted his influence and talents into politics and business.”

Kamanga highlighted Mr. Mtine’s enduring impact on Zambian football, noting that successive FAZ administrators had drawn inspiration from his leadership. “Mr. Mtine wore many hats in his life, but in football, he could be remembered as foremost among football administrators. It is not by accident that he was awarded by FIFA during the centenary celebration in 2004 for his contribution to the sport in Zambia.”

Tom Mtine, who lived to the remarkable age of 97, will be laid to rest in Chipata, his final resting place. The veteran administrator had been a resident of Ndola for many years, contributing significantly to the football landscape of Zambia.

The Zambian football community and the nation at large are mourning the loss of a man whose passion and dedication touched countless lives. Mr. Mtine’s name will forever be associated with the growth and development of football in Zambia, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of sports administrators.


  1. Faz fcvk off!!! It’s NATIONAL mourning we have here!!
    This is way too high profile funeral which was supposed to be announced by her HONOR Nalumango, not sh!t Kamanga, which Kamanga is it anyway?
    Tom Ntine was way higher than any Zambian president, except KK.
    TOM NTINE was way richer than your ka HH (I like HH).
    I declare 7 days national mourning.

    • @Tikki, it is easy to count how many ukwa bags I have managed to fill with kwachas. Meanwhile it’s not easy to appreciate the value of KK’s leadership, integrity and selflessness until you see what has become of Zimbabwe, Somalia, Haiti… The region is a better place due to Zambia under the leadership of KK.

    • KK was absolutely monumental, you have a country, you can read and you can insult KK because KK put your ass through school free of charge. When KK became leader, white English men owned everything. When KK was ill-advisedly removed from power, we black Africans owned everything. Your stupid parties, MMD and then PF, immediately started the process of reversing the good KK had done, and giving everything back to white people. We now have a Zambia where the toilets do not work, water is obtained from contaminated boreholes, and foreigners can kick Zambians off their land. Of course the latter problem does not bother you because foreigners are not taking the land in your provinces yet

  2. Tom was a great person from a hamble background of selling sweets to a great person.
    Those sweets were good in the fifties and the Nineteen sixties in Kabwe coming from Ndola. May God Almighty receive him.

  3. Most people after wielding this enormous power on their own shoulders, go into politics. Uncle Mtine didn’t. For that reason, he can NOT have a national moaning. Maybe he could be honoured posthumously on 24th October next year for his gallantry at FAZ. Good bye byes Malume.

  4. We celebrate the life of Zambia’s first indigenous millionaire who led a life of humility. Thomas Dickson Madandaulo Mtine was a gentleman. Indeed we’re from God and unto Him we return.

  5. So illustrious an era that his own suits, underwear, stockings, shirts, caps and trousers were all branded as “TM”. Imagine the time when Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Foschini or Nike ‘icongedwe’ were little known to Zambians. When he would walk in the corridors near Chapasuka in Ndola, and a psychedelic light on his shoes would flicker the Tom Mtine name.

  6. Of all the millionaires that I have known in Zambia, he was the humblest and his demeanour was genuinely self-effacing, gracious and polite. Go well Tom

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