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Lusaka High Court Reschedules Espionage Plea Hearing in Gold Scam Case


The Lusaka High Court has revised the plea hearing date for the five Zambians charged with espionage in connection to the Gold scam to November 15, 2023. This rescheduling occurred due to a delay in the issuance of prosecution instructions by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Initially set for 13th December, the plea hearing had to be adjourned, waiting for the DPP’s directives. The accused individuals in this espionage case are Lusaka businessmen Shadrick Kasanda and Jim Belemu, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) Police Commanding Officer Robson Moonga, State Security Officer Francis Mateyo, and Commercial Pilot Patrick Kawanu.

The five suspects are scheduled to enter their pleas before a panel of three High Court Judges—Ruth Chibbabuka, Situmbeko Chocho, and Charles Zulu.

The arrests of the accused individuals followed the discovery of a Gold Scam at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on August 13, 2023, revealed by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) during an inspection of a plane. The discovery included 602 pieces of fake gold amounting to 127.2 kilograms, found alongside five million dollars and weapons.

In a related development, the state opted for a nolle prosequi in favor of five Egyptians and one Zambian implicated in the same alleged syndicate. The Egyptian nationals involved in this matter are Walid Botros, Mounir Awad, Mohamed Gooda, Yasser Abdelghafor, and Michael Botros, alongside Zambian chartered accountant Oswald Diangamo.


  1. Another case of hh insecurity. Hh believes kasanda is a danger due to his financial influence and bemba tribe. Anyone from upnd who comments rubbish on this my comment you are cursing yourself to death

    • @Nostradamus: “Kamyanga-Kanyenga Nyoko” Kaizer Zulu, you are nothing more than bitter and demented loser. You hate us Tonga people. We are an honest, hard working and generous people, who have never attacked or robbed anyone. You on the other idolise, defend and promote criminals. You are not in power anymore, and cannot stop the law from following its course. This Kasanda will be prosecuted. If he is found guilty, he will serve the penalty of his guilt. That is how the law is supposed to work. I have nothing against the fellow, and I hope he is innocent. I love all Zambians, and when I finish here, I am going to watch the video of Infunkuntu by Africa Dance Factory on YouTube

  2. Stop idolizing criminals. This Kasanda of yours must be jailed and serve as an example to our youth about the wages of crime.

  3. Whats wrong with LT? The speaker has been taken to court and you’re silent. Mwamba and Nakacinda have been arrested and you are ignoring such a big story??

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