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Miners Remain Trapped in Chingola Mine accident: President Hichilema Expresses Condolences and Reaffirms Commitment to Mining Safety


In a devastating turn of events, rescue operations are underway in Chingola on the Copperbelt, where illegal miners find themselves trapped following the collapse of an open pit mine. The incident has prompted urgent efforts by a collaborative rescue team comprising individuals from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and the Mines Safety Department.

A ZNBC news crew, on-site yesterday, reported that the rescue team is diligently pumping water from underground pits where the miners are believed to be trapped. Unfortunately, as of 09:30 hours, no miners had been successfully retrieved, leaving an atmosphere of concern and urgency.

Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chimupi provided an update, stating that the rescue efforts are ongoing, and the situation remains critical.

The incident has garnered the attention of Chingola residents, who are calling on the government to expedite the rescue operations. Their collective concern reflects the gravity of the situation and the impact it has on the community.

In response to the tragedy, President Hakainde Hichilema expressed his condolences to the families and loved ones affected by the accident. The President, in a statement, said, “We are saddened to hear about the tragic accident at a makeshift mine site in Chingola that has claimed many lives. Our prayers are with the families and loved ones of those who died in the accident.”

President Hichilema also extended gratitude to the rescuers and volunteers who are working tirelessly to reach those still trapped in the mine. He acknowledged their bravery and dedication in the face of a challenging rescue mission.

“This incident reinforces our government’s commitment to implementing strict mining safety policies to ensure the well-being of citizens,” President Hichilema emphasized.

The tragic event serves as a somber reminder of the risks associated with illegal mining activities and underscores the importance of enforcing stringent safety measures.


  1. Too late for the condolences. Do the right thing. Take KCM to task and screw the MSD for neglecting their responsibility. If MSD were under pressure from some monkey in your government this monkey must be charged with mass murder.
    The operations were known by KCM and GRZ…

    • The minister of mines should resign. Period!
      He knows about this operation. If it is illegal why did he allow it? He drives by when going to his constituency in Chililabombwe. He sees these illegal miners loading the “illegal copper “along chingola chililabombwe road.

    • @Illegal miner: Is this true? Under ZCCM, the mines of Zambia were among the safest in the world. Since Chipuba sold the mines, safety has been completely discarded. Now we have foreigners pumping sulfuric acids in our rivers as a pollutive effluent from their unsavory mining tactics. We have our people being turned in slave miners such as we see in war torn parts of the DRC. This not a UPND problem. This is a problem caused by evil, corrupt and myopic sale of our mines by Frederick Chipuba and his MMD. This did not need to happen. As for the mining minister, he needs to be called to account if, as you say, he has been aware of, but is oblivious to this sorry state of affairs in our mining industry.

  2. Too bad for our youths and let us morn together but am not sure if the national morning was declarerd for our galant youths who died on tour of duty trying to find their ends meat.

  3. And they keep calling them “illegal Miners”….please they’re human beings first and very poor individuals with families and struggling to put food on their tables…and this is when Politicians promise voters heaven on earth and as soon as realize that they have been dribbled then they have no choice but to risk their lives….and most of the individuals operating illegal mines in Zambia are Chinese and Indians…the individuals trapped were just workers risking their lives for peanuts because HH lied to them

  4. How do you call your own people, the owners of the land “illegal miners” and the foreigners who are taking your resources for free “investors” or harvesters as I like to call them? This tragedy is a reflection of our leaders and their lack of vision. These are your own people who are simply trying to make ends meet but your turn a blind eye in favour of these who will present you with bribes? but Zambia chabe…chalo cha meno.

  5. This is a satanic sacrifice by hh and his fellow upnd freemas0n. We have never experienced so many deaths since this dark govt took over. God will deal with them. Amen

  6. If you look at the above picture you can tell that things are tough on the ground…compare that Picture to HH and Mutinta on Airport tarmac overseas

  7. I remember when these tragedys happened in other countries the head of state showed up to be with his countryman.

  8. Next we will have these parasitic politicians call for a day of national mourning for political gains! What a waste of time!!

  9. More lives have been lost to mine and road traffic accidents under the UPND administration than any other government. Even the corrupt and violent PF did not experience so many fatalities. Most of these accidents could be prevented if the UPND government was competent and innovative. But they seem to be so dumb.

  10. Only a naive person can buy the thinking that more lives have been lost to mine and road traffic accidents under the UPND administration than any other government. Only gullible people can believe that the corrupt and violent PF was competent and innovative enough to reduce lives lost to mine and road traffic accidents two years down the line. To suggest that increased accidents are due to the 2 years of the UPND administration is to deny that it is the corruption and violence infested PF administration whose impact we are now seeing in mines and road traffic accidents. It is the same with debt stress. The UPND administration is now faced with the outcome of the PF reckless borrowing and the same PF wants to blame the UPND administration!!

  11. @ DeJavu
    Come on now….looting via Judiciary..ask yourself why he fired the Attorney General…the DPP and the Auditor General and replaced them with his minions….and appointed his own Chief Justice

  12. @MunaDekhane
    The miners work for illegal mining companies owned by the Chinese and indians…Kabuswe and HH are also part of the illegal Mining activities and since we are dealing with a demagogue President and lying Government the number of casualties will be significantly reduced…that mine is big and you looking at more than 100 people buried underneath the rabble

  13. @Anonymous
    Illegalities are dangerous and costly, non you mention above will die from illegalities. Your brother, nephew, son and youths who are encouraged by illegal advocates are responsible for this human loss of life.

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