Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ministry of Education Issues Stern Warning on Cholera Prevention Measures in Schools


As schools prepare to reopen next week, the Ministry of Education has issued a stern warning that non-compliance with cholera preventive measures will lead to the closure of institutions. The announcement comes as part of the government’s proactive efforts to curb the spread of cholera and ensure the safety of students and staff.

Ministry Spokesperson Kunda Mando emphasized that strict measures would be implemented, and standard officers would conduct random inspections in schools to verify their adherence to the prescribed preventive guidelines. The move is aimed at mitigating the risk of cholera outbreaks within educational institutions.

In an interview with ZNBC news, Ms. Mando highlighted that Head teachers and Provincial Education Officers have received comprehensive guidance on the best practices to prevent cholera in schools. The Ministry is taking a proactive approach to address any potential lapses in adherence to preventive measures, ensuring that schools are well-prepared for the upcoming academic term.

Ms. Mando also urged parents to play an active role in maintaining a cholera-free environment. She emphasized the importance of mirroring preventive practices implemented in schools within the home setting. This appeal is seen as a crucial step in creating a holistic approach to cholera prevention, involving both educational institutions and households.

The Ministry’s strong stance underscores the seriousness with which the government views the prevention of cholera, particularly within the school environment. By implementing random inspections and providing guidance to education officials, the Ministry aims to create a safe and healthy learning environment for students across the country.

Parents, educators, and school administrators are urged to cooperate fully with the Ministry’s directives to ensure the successful implementation of cholera preventive measures. As the academic year commences, the government’s commitment to the health and safety of students remains a top priority.


  1. Noted.
    Has schools will be open on Monday 8th January 2024 or there’s some prospond over the cases of cholera?

  2. I think we need a presidential statement over this outbreak. Is government in control or has the disease confused our bureaucrats? Lives have been lost and more are at stake

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