Sunday, March 3, 2024

Kapata acknowledges Gaps In The CDF Guidleines


Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Henry Kapata has acknowledged the need for enhanced publicity of government developmental programmes being implemented across the country.

Speaking when he called on North-Western Province Permanent Secretary Col. Grandson Katambi (RtD), Mr Kapata said there is need to highlight the positive impact of various government developmental projects being undertaken in Provinces which are transforming livelihoods.

Mr Kapata has since commended ZANIS for its continued efforts in publicising government’s developmental projects which he said are transforming livelihoods.

Mr. Kapata said there is need to enhance publicity of these projects so that members of the public are aware of what government is doing.

Meanwhile, Col. Katambi revealed that despite the notable achievements attained in the Province, road infrastructure still remains a challenge in accessing other districts and as such there is need to improve the road network to create easy access.
“Our Province has recorded remarkable growth and still developing; however the terrain is still a challenge. There is need to improve the road infrastructure to create easy access for the news crew to document positive strides attained in the districts,” Col. Katambi said.


  1. We are getting somewhere, they are now starting to acknowledge that they are doing things wrongly. We wait for them to realise that hh was wrong leader for this country.

  2. It’s good that Kapata has acknowledged that there are gaps in the CDF policy. It seems the UPND have resigned themselves to 3 vehicles for development. All developmental projects have been delegated to CDF, economy to foreign investment and roads to PPP. CDF alone can’t address all challenges in communities. Besides, local authorities don’t have the capacity to implement CDF projects alone. This is why many are lagging behind. Let’s brainstorm and see how we can improve delivery

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