Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Journalist Seeks To Restore Case Were JJ Banda Urinated In His Mouth


Former Post Newspaper journalist, Peter Sukwa, has reached out to the Human Rights Commission, urging them to intervene and revive the case involving an alleged assault by Petauke Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Banda, who is accused of assaulting Sukwa and urinating in his mouth.

In a letter addressed to the Human Rights Commission, Sukwa highlighted the incident and the impact it has had on his life, noting that he has faced continuous mockery since the assault. Copies of the letter were also sent to Amnesty International, the Chief Justice, and the Zambia Institute of Independent Media Alliance (ZIIMA).

Sukwa spoke to ZNBC News, expressing his ongoing distress and the need for justice in the matter. The journalist has been seeking avenues to address the alleged assault, seeking support from both national and international human rights organizations.

Meanwhile, ZIIMA, represented by its President Jaja Coulibaly, commended Sukwa for taking a stand and pursuing justice. Coulibaly emphasized that any unsatisfactory verdict should be subject to challenge, and ZIIMA pledged its support to Sukwa’s quest for justice.

Emmanuel Banda had previously been fined 12,000 Kwacha for the alleged assault, with 10,000 Kwacha allocated as compensation to Sukwa. The reopening of the case could potentially bring new developments to light and ensure a thorough examination of the incident.


  1. Why didn’t he appeal the case if he weren’t satisfied with the judgement? It’d be different if he were totally denied justice. This looks like an afterthought influenced by an ultra motive. When did it happen? It’ll be difficult to revive the case if it’s out of time, unless of course if mingalato is employed.

  2. ZIIMA is supposed to take such cases up-not just sympathising. Where is equally toothless PAZA? How do you leave a fellow professional fighting a lone battle?

  3. He did a r Kelly on him. Some people deserve to be urinated on. They don’t listen and are ignorant to kuchi tundila chabe

    • All these views are fundamental to @Kaizar – this is because he is a closeted backdoor entrant. A real deviant.

  4. Is this not the same JJ who captured and terrorised Lusaka central police station ???

    Shame on Zambians for having such a thug as an MP……….

    This is the result of have illiterate voters …….also there is no way by law this person should hold public office in a real country…

  5. How did he get in the position to be drinking “water” from another man’s pipe? Is this not Kaizar Zulu-like behaviour? As everyone knows, Kaizar Zulu is addicted to drinking Lebanese MAN made condensed milk

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