Friday, February 23, 2024

Reopening Of Schools Postponed Further to February 12th


Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima says the reopening of schools has been further postponed to February 12, 2024.

Mr Syakalima said the school calendar for both private and government and schools and colleges has been adjusted to recover the lost time.

“Schools and colleges will open for term one on Monday 12th February 2024 and will close on Friday 26th April 2024. And then for term two Schools and colleges will open on Monday 6th May 2024 and will close on Friday 9th august 2024,” Mr Syakalima said.

Speaking at a press briefing held in Lusaka , the Minister stated that the decision was arrived at following the advice from the National Disaster Management and Mitigation Council of ministers meeting.

He added that all alternative methods of education provided by the Ministry of Education should be utilized in order to ensure that learners are kept busy.

He called on the community to work with the government in the fight against cholera.
On 4th January 2024, the Minister of Education announced the postponement of the date of reopening of Schools from 8th to 29th January 2024 due to the cholera outbreak in the country.


  1. Why did you stop guidelines of covid? We are even videos of minibus conductors carrying women on backs to cross stagnant water in Lusaka.
    social distance
    Social distance
    Cholera is transmisable.

    • Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa quits his Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party on Thursday while cholera is ravaging cities like Harare, Vicfalls and Bulawayo.He claims it has been hijacked by the ruling ZANU-PF in a power grab.
      Chamisa’s dramatic announcement comes in the wake of controversies involving alleged imposter Sengezo Tshabangu and his illegal recalls from Parliament. Chamisa condemned the ongoing political maneuvers as “sewer pond politics” and rejected the notion of aligning himself with what he perceives as corrupt practices.
      “Fellow citizens, this is to officially and under my hand inform you that, with immediate effect I no longer have anything to do with CCC,” Chamisa wrote in a lengthy statement posted on his X account.

  2. The epicenter for cholera is Lusaka, and so far, apart from Kalulushi and the fishing camp in Kabwe, all cases in other towns can be traced to Lusaka. It’d have been better to restrict this decision to Lusaka alone. While teachers and other workers in government are receiving their salaries, the same can’t be said about private schools. Many haven’t yet fully recovered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and now they have to cope with cholera. Many private schools have good sanitation and not all 156 districts have cholera. Why should Lusaka cholera affect them? The Minister must sit with the association of private schools and try to strike a balance. Let’s avoid blanket decisions

    • In fact most private schools are teaching online because they have such facilities. Government schools are the ones suffering. Please open the schools in the other parts of the country.

  3. With all these clever people in cabinet and government I am surprised that cholera has outmaneuvered them. It’s a shame that a person who was constantly blaming the pandemic on the incompetence of the previous government has failed to order the cholera to disappear.

  4. So what measures have the government put in place to insure that schools open on 12 February. As far as I can see Cholera has not given us a deadline and Lusaka and schools are still as dirty as fack. Also Masebo is still the Minister of death and the president is still flying around.

  5. Dishonesty, lies and lack of effective communication are the jokes in this government. We supported and funded UPND to come into power. Now all we are getting is lies every single day. Masebo is involved in serious corruption and HH is sitting on the matter. Masebo must go.

  6. Postponing opening of schools is not a solution to the cholera problem but merely masking the symptoms. Just tackle the problem at hand then there is no need to postpone anything.

  7. So even boarding schools are opening? because my boarding school has broken toilets in our dorms the corridor is just a pool of toilet water.when we open am definitely getting cholera

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