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Preserving Zambia’s Unity “Let the Sleeping Dogs Lie”


By Misheck Kakonde

In the intricate narrative of Zambia’s history, the architects of its foundation, led by figures like Kenneth Kaunda, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Mainza Chona, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, and other eminent freedom fighters, purposefully crafted a vision of a united nation. “Let the Sleeping Dogs Lie” serves as a poignant cautionary note, urging us to approach matters of potential division with utmost care, particularly in a nation anchored on the principles of unity.

There is only one Zambia; we acknowledge that Zambia has various ethnic groups that live together peacefully. The concept of Zambia as a unitary state did not emerge from naivety or ignorance; rather, it was a thoughtful choice by leaders who recognized the vital role of national unity in fostering stability, progress, and a shared national identity. The struggles faced during Zambia’s formative years were not mere trials; they were battles fought to establish a cohesive nation. Therefore, a socialist demagogue should not hold the whole state at ransom for their selfish motives.

As we navigate the ever-evolving political landscape, it becomes imperative to reflect on the wisdom of the past. Attempts to reopen discussions on dividing the state and the deployment of divisive language carry inherent risks. The metaphorical “sleeping dogs” symbolize dormant issues that, if awakened, might unleash unforeseen consequences, jeopardizing the very essence of national unity.

It is essential to acknowledge that the idea of a unitary Zambia goes beyond political rhetoric; it is a celebration of the diverse tapestry within its borders. The notion of carving out a separate entity, such as “Barotseland,” challenges the bedrock upon which Zambia was built. It not only threatens to erode painstakingly established unity but also risks fostering discord and a sense of disintegration.

Maintaining Zambia’s unity is collective, and the use of divisive language poses a significant threat to the progress achieved over the years. A provocateur advocating for the division of the state for political gain disregards the interconnectedness nurtured by years of intermarriages and shared experiences.

This Divider-in-Chief, a newspaper capitalist masquerading as a socialist, perhaps motivated by a short-term political agenda of soliciting funds from socialist states, is risking the harmony of a young nation, Zambia. The awareness of his aging status may lead him to believe he has nothing to lose. Politicians should engage in constructive politics.

As Zambia navigates challenges and successes, preserving unity pays homage to past sacrifices. It is a commitment to safeguarding a future where “One Zambia, One Nation” is not merely a slogan but a living reality. Let the sleeping dogs lie, for in their undisturbed rest lies the continued harmony of a united Zambia.

Misheck Kakonde is a legal scholar and comparative politics specialist.


  1. It is a timely warning to individuals who were born yesterday and are forming divisionally groupings using the little knowledge they have about their tribal grouping. Zambia had many chiefs and tribal groups just like those in western province. The only difference is that the foreign colonisers promoted the lozi chief for their own interests. There is nothing like another country within Zambia. It is not right for any tribe to use their region to lobby for top positions in Govt.

    • They used their tribe to hold top positions during UNIP time. The people that were marginalized were actually people from North Western Province. Its also undermines the work others are doing to promote the country and improve the economy. People will think our country is unstable and our image will be ruined because of these selfish people. Every Zambian paid a huge price to liberate our neighbors like Zimbabwe, Namibia and SA. For one group to complain that they have had a bad deal is a lie from hell. The people from western province are few in number but they benefited disproportionately since independence. Our legal system, military, police and the whole civil service has a large number of them. Where is the oppression?

    • What price did Northern, Luapula, or Muchinga pay for the liberation of any country? They do not neighbour any of the countries where the freedom was was fought. Western is the only province to neighbour 2. Southern Province is only neighbour of Zimbabwe, while Eastern is neighbour of Mozambique. The racist white soldiers of Rhodesia, or South Africa did not cross into Muchinga or Luapula province to destroy bridges and kill people. I personally saw the bodies of 13 Tonga villagers, who ran across white soldiers from Rhodesia and were killed for it. Chikumbi was deep in Soli/Tonga area . The Chongwe massacre occurred in Tonga/Soli area. This is the truth, and do not true to rewrite it

    • @I Hate fimo fimo… never heard of the bombing of Chambeshi Bridge in Northern Province by the Rhodesian Selous Scouts? How ignorant can one be.

  2. Misheck Kakonde, if HH during his campaign did not go to promise the Borotse people, the dogs would have been sleeping today. These politicians have no heart for their people. The carelessness of people like HH, MMembe in handling the Barotseland issue can in to citizens losing their lives.

    • HH promised to unify the country and NOT to divide it, if the people miscontrued this as a promise of an independent state, they are delusional. Please provide us evidence of this promise. We notice the tendency of falsehoods … please provide proof.

    • You took the words out of my mouth. The people of Western Province had so much confidence that their cousin would keep his promises and give them independence. So far there is promise that he’s honoured.
      Let’s live as one nation… remember we have intermarried accross the country.

    • HH never promised anything to anyone. You tribalists always blame other people for what you do. Michael Satan is the one who lied to the Lozi in 2011. Having said that, why are you surprised that the Lozi would want to leave? The people who have looted the other provinces in Zambia, to build universities in your provinces, and oil pipe lines are you. The people who tried to steal Siavonga and Itezhi Tezhi districts are you. These things need to be said because so that you can understand that actions have consequences. The Lozi want to leave because they believe they cannot do worse by themselves than they have with or under you. If the Lozi ever discover a single mineral in Western Province, they will be gone.

  3. Hh will cause a war in this country because he and his ugly family can emigrate to America tomorrow while we remain killing each other. Impeach that roach

    And some upnd f00Is were busy making noise when I said that zambia cannot win a single competition in football under upnd. They can only win under pf e.g. 2012. The performance was abysmal and yet hh gives praise without true constructive feedback. When you are a failed president you have to praise failure because you are desperate to be liked

    • From a guy sleeping with chickens … just shut your trap!!!! You were burning peoples villages and you call yourself a peaceful person with your 1d1ot drunkard friend. He cant even manage his home.

    • Homosexual tribalist. Why would anyone want to be in the same country with you. All you rant about is how you are guaranteed a return to power in 2026 because you believe that only your tribe deserves to be in power. Have you ever wondered whether the reason why the Lozi might want to break away from Zambia is because they can see the tribalism of those of you who think that Zambia should only be ruled by Bemba and Nyanja? As for football, do political parties play football? The team lost because MMD gave the mines to white people, in the belief that white people would solve all the problems for Zambia. The white people refused to sponsor football and looted the mines. Mathafaka, your team lost because of you

  4. It is true the sleeping doggs won’t continue lying because some roach always awakes them up for selfish reasons.
    I feel the president has to catch the tiger by the tail to arrest the situation. When in opposition, he played with their minds, so they now want to know what his current position is. We all need a convincing approach and a conclusive result so that these doggs are never allowed to wake up again to terrorise the unitary Zambia. We need a closure, not these perennial barks. What is the position of the Litunga? Why does he hide behind the BNC and the BRE.

    • HH never played to anyone. The Lozi supported UPND because like the Luvale they hate the notion that only Bemba and Nyanja can rule the country, get all the jobs and the development. All the wealth in Zambia is in the South, Central and Northwestern Provinces, but al the development is going to the Nyanja and Bemba provinces. The truth needs to be told because if you care about other people choosing to volunatarily be part of Zambia, you will do something about the theft of the wealth of other provinces and its transfer to your provinces. You will not complain hypocritically when HH tries to distribute development funds equally, in stead you taking everything and building tribal universities in your provinces.

  5. When did Chiefs outside Western province ever submit to a King in one province? This was misinformation from the BSA company which promoted the Lozi Paramount Chief to a recognisable level in the United Kingdome so that under the Chiefs consent they could lobby for money from the British government to satisfy the BSA Mining dreams. We have always had the likes of King Mwatayamvwa of Congo managing parts of Congo , Zambia and Angola, apart from the Kololo from SA, every one in Western province traces there origin from the Lunda empire of Mwatayamvwa in Congo.

    • I hope you do not think that the chiefs of the Western Province hate the Litunga but love your chiti mukulu, mpezeni or mwata kazembe. The fact is that most of the people from the part of the country that used to be northeastern Rhodesia resent the connivance of the northwestern Rhodesian to dominate political and economic affairs in the country. You rejoiced when the tribalist Chiluba took power from the nationalist Kaunda, and now you are shocked that the chikens have come home to root. Your arrogance has caught up with you. Micahel Satan lies to the Lozi and you think that that is cleverness. This thing will not end well, if it is not handled well. You can fool some people sometime, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

  6. The BSA also force people to work in the mines. So would it be wrong to say that the Litunga at that time was an accomplice to this injustice and he enabled Northern Rhodesians to be oppressed by foreigners. Was the Litunga a freedom fighter or an agent of the colonizers? The danger of bringing up these old things will result in skeletons being revealed. Some misguided people have been made to believe that the agreements some foreign businessmen made with the Litunga over a bottle of whisky over mineral rights in the region amounts to them being a state at the time and today. These agreements were sold to Cecil Rhodes. Based on this horse trading someone today is claiming to be the leader of the land. It is madness

    • The Litunga was asked to sign a piece of paper, and was promised money in return, and he did. The Lozi never forced anyone to work in the mines. The Litunga was more honourable than your chiefs in history who sold other Zambians into Arab slavery, The Litunga is more honourable than your president Chiluba who gave the mines back to white people, raped the government and the councils of their assets, assassinated political opponents; the Litunga is superior to the brutish modern slaver Michael Satan, who sold Zambia into US $33 billion of debt slavery, and reported on freedom fighters to the English colonial government. The reason why you ended up working in the mines is because you had no cows and had to work for the English to pay their poll taxes, not because the Lozi forced you to.

  7. Some chiefs actually opposed colonial powers and were not used by foreigners to exploit the land and its people. It is these chiefs that should be honored today. If you go to many countries like Namibia and SA, black people were dispossessed of their land and killed. Even here in Zambia some chiefs resisted white encroachment and were exiled from their land. These chiefs should be our heroes and not enablers! We take our independence lightly but many people died to get it. Many years ago I had a nice job with good conditions. Some people informed me that the conditions had been fought for by others before I joined the company! Lets be wise and appreciate what we have today and build on it. Every Zambian has opportunities if they work hard and participate in the economy.

  8. These trouble makers are domestic enemies of the state. Not all enemies of the country are foreign, some like these misinformed people are enemies of the Republic of Zambia and we have laws in place to take care of such.

  9. The socialist capitalist isn’t alone on this destructive campaign. There’s another failed politician who’s now a chief. They’re confusing the youth who don’t understand.

  10. HH and his team are preoccupied with the foreign debt crisis and the cholera crisis just now. No one who understands the business of government would want to divert the leadership from these emergencies.

  11. Zambia can be saved, but that would have to be through a federation. This is what kept Kenya together after the 2010 tribal violence; this is the only thing keeps South Africa together. It is the thing keep Brazil, Mexico, the US, Canada, Germany, UK, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia and the other big and diverse countries of the world together. If people can rule themselves, they are not going to blame the federal government for all their problems.

  12. Zambia can be saved, but that would have to be through a federation. This is what kept Kenya together after the 2010 tribal violence; this is the only thing that keeps South Africa together. It is the thing keeping the Brazil, Mexico, the US, Canada, Germany, UK, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia and the other big and diverse countries of the world together. If people can rule themselves, they are not going to blame the federal government for all their problems.

  13. I do not understand why these separatists are not being arrested for causing confusion. The security forces need to be at home with their families and these people that do not understand the concept of a nation can rot in jail. We have laws in the country against internal threats to our security. These people are agents of foreign forces just like their predecessors.

  14. The tribalists can never deliver prosperity to the citizens of any country. They can only help themselves. The behavior of tribalism sghouild be criminalised like they have done in Rwanda and Burundi. They are now digging up dead bodies in a bid to gain power. Why cant they just form a political party and participate in Zambian politics like all of the rest of Zambians

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