Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tensions Erupt in Lusaka’s Chainda as Residents Clash with Police over Suspected Kidnapping


In a dramatic turn of events, residents of Chainda in Lusaka engaged in intense clashes with the police last evening following protests over the handling of a suspected kidnapping case in their community. The aggrieved residents accused the officers of being slow and unconcerned in their response to the reported incident.

The situation escalated when a ZNBC newscrew arrived at the scene, witnessing dozens of residents hurling stones at a team of police officers. In response, the law enforcement officers retaliated with tear gas, resulting in a chaotic and volatile atmosphere.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for the Police, Danny Mwale, confirmed the unfolding events, stating that preliminary investigations have ruled out any kidnapping in the case. According to Mwale, the individual who had alerted the public about his own kidnapping is reportedly mentally challenged.

Mwale expressed regret over the incident, noting that the riotous crowd had taken matters into their own hands by raiding the home of the family accused of kidnapping. Disturbingly, the crowd resorted to stealing household furniture in the process.


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